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The Big Clue You Probably Missed Early In The Truman Show

"The Truman Show" served as a coming-out party for Jim Carrey's ability to go beyond the funny man archetype and bring depth to his roles. While there was a surprise twist at the end for Carrey's Truman Burbank, the audience was in on the gag the entire time. "The Truman Show" follows Burbank as he navigates a slow and leisurely life through a small town, unbeknownst to him as the star of a reality TV show.

Carrey burst on the big stage in 1994 with a trio of hits that remain some of his biggest ("Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," "The Mask," and "Dumb and Dumber"). He spent the following four years in more roles like "Cable Guy" and "Liar Liar." Then, in 1998, Carrey showed he could act in more dramatic roles with "The Truman Show," and let his abilities shine in the many emotional moments. The audience follows him (along with the rest of the world) as he discovers the first few decades of his life were completely fake, designed as entertainment by a corporate group living in the fabricated moon.

Others have pointed out the numerous ways Truman could have been clued into his situation from the beginning, like his wife and others constantly advertising products (via Mirror). However, one TikTok user pointed out a subtle clue that should have revealed the plot right away.

The production defies the laws of space

There were undoubtedly clues surrounding Truman Burbank as he lived his daily life. Some were obvious, like equipment falling from the sky to his street or the sign on the outskirts of the fictional Seahaven giving warnings about leaving: "You are now leaving Seahaven! Are you sure that is a good idea?" Some clues were extremely subtle, like Truman's need for Vitamin D supplements since he is never exposed to the actual sun. Even his catchphrase, "Good morning! And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight," can be used to address audiences all over the world in different time zones (via What Culture).

TikTok user u/hiddenmoviedetails pointed out a curious subtle detail that should have proven to Truman something was amiss. When he and his friend sit on a beach and talk, they watch a sunset with both the sun and the moon in the same sky, one above the other. As the user points out, this shouldn't be possible. The creation of a full moon requires the Earth to be between the sun and the moon. If the moon were on the same side as the sun, it would be in a total eclipse.

It is one of many clues given in the film, both subtle and in the audience's face, that could've allowed Jim Carrey's lovable Truman to discover his life wasn't real much sooner.