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The Surprising Change Made To Seth Rogen's The Boys Presents: Diabolical Episode

As fans anxiously await the premiere of "The Boys" Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video, which is slated to debut on June 3, the streaming platform has offered a special treat to tide them over for the time being. "The Boys Presents: Diabolical" provides a unique take on the legend of "The Boys" and the various Supes who occupy that space. This time around, the focus is predominantly on lesser-known Supes who finally get a chance to shine in this vulgar, gory, delightful show.

The first episode really does an exceptional job setting the tone for the rest of the series. It follows a baby Supe with laser eyes who gets into a handful of mischief when she chases after various red spheres, all while her makeshift father figure tries to protect her from termination from the Vought Corporation. It's a bloody good time, but the episode's co-writer, Seth Rogen, revealed that they actually had to crank up the violence after they saw an early cut.

Seth Rogen thought an early cut of the episode looked just like an 'actual Looney Tunes cartoon'

"The Boys Presents: Diabolical" certainly doesn't have a problem upping the violence. Pretty much every episode has ample blood and guts that fans of "The Boys" have come to expect. But apparently, early in the process for the first episode, there just wasn't enough mayhem for Rogen's liking.

In an interview with Variety, Rogen spoke about the episode he co-wrote with Evan Goldberg, saying, "What's so funny is, we actually had to make it so much more gory than we thought we were going to." He goes on to explain how they thought it was going to be gruesome initially, but when they saw it in animated form, they thought, "Oh, it's not that gross actually." He continues, "That's what you're used to seeing in children's animation all the time. We actually had to really ratchet it up once we got back the first cut because it almost just looks like an actual Looney Tunes cartoon."

It's hard to imagine Rogen and Goldberg having any problem including blood and gore, and they ultimately delivered something worthy of bearing "The Boys" name. The result is something that looks like it came out of the twisted mind of an agitated Looney Tunes animator.