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Mr. Robot Season 3 Teaser Trailer Revealed

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Mr. Robot.

Hello, old friend.

USA Network has released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming third season of Mr. Robot, the Emmy Award-winning drama starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater as two sides of one man's dissociative identity, which will make its return on October 11. 

The trailer reveal and the premiere date announcement comes after a daylong promotional campaign on social media, during which fans were tasked with hunting down the trailer. When they finally stumbled upon it, it was unveiled to the masses, dishing up spine-tingling, skin-crawling shots of riots and all-out chaos in the streets. 

The footage is set to a harrowing cover of Leonard Cohen's "Democracy," a song whose lyrics serve as a sort of narration to what we see on screen. "It's coming from the sorrow in the street," Cohen's words call as Darlene (Carly Chaikin) pounds the pavement in gritty New York. "The holy places where the races meet," it continues, just as the camera pans to show Elliot (Malek) heading for a Coney Island-bound train, presumably heading back to the place where fsociety began. 

More and more connections are made between the song and the sneak-peek sequences as the trailer carries on, and we catch glimpses of Darlene crying, police offers engaging in street brawls with citizens, cars passing through military-run security check points, men raiding Elliot's apartment, Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström) downing a bottle of alcohol, and new character Irving (Bobby Cannavale) looking somber as he's surrounded by Dark Army mask-wearing individuals. 

Watch the intense new trailer in the video above. 

Mr. Robot also stars Portia Doubleday as E Corp PR manager Angela Moss, Grace Gummer as FBI field agent Dominique "Dom" DiPierro, Michael Cristofer as E Corp CEO Phillip Price, Stephanie Corneliussen as Tyrell Wellick's wife Joanna, and B.D. Wong as Dark Army leader and China's Minister of State Security Whiterose/Zhang.

The series is set to return to USA Network on October 11. While we wait until then, find out all the ways Mr. Robot totally ripped off Fight Club.