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Instagram Post Of Krysten Ritter Has Jessica Jones Fans Freaking Out

Fans of Netflix's slate of Marvel shows recently got to see the First Defender himself, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), make a cameo appearance in "Spider-Man: No Way Home." This momentous sequence confirmed the appearance of Murdock, and by presumable extension, his costumed alter ego Daredevil, as existing within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was supposed to be the case all along, of course, but the fate of Daredevil and the rest of his allies in The Defenders was a little bit shaky thanks to some behind-the-scenes corporate machinations.

On the other hand, fans of "Jessica Jones" now have something a little less concrete to get excited about. But if you're, uh, Jonesing for more adventures from the plucky superpowered PI, who was played memorably by Krysten Ritter, even a scrap of a possibility that there's more on the way from the character might be enough to get you excited. And that's exactly how fans are feeling in response to an Instagram post from, of all things, a hairstylist in Austin, TX.

Fans think that Krysten Ritter's new hairdo makes her look like Jessica Jones

The post in question comes from the Instagram account of Melanie Jacobs, a stylist at Austin's Deep Roots ATX salon. As you can see, it shows a trio of shots featuring Krysten Ritter with not only the long black locks of her signature character but also a very Jessica Jonesesque leather jacket, as well.

With "Jessica Jones," "Daredevil," and "Luke Cage," among other series, having been removed from Netflix (and reportedly on their way to Disney+), it's understandable that fans of the show are eager to cling to any possible clue that their favorite heroes might be coming back for more adventures. And to be fair, Ritter really does look like Jones in the photos, as the plethora of comments underneath the post readily attests. Instagram user mmphy04 commented, "is she coming back to play Jessica Jones," while agusmakesart asked, "Jessica is that you...?

But there's no official word that we're going to see any more of Jessica Jones, either as a character in some other Marvel project or in another season of her own show. On top of that, it's entirely possible that the Jessica Jones look is entirely coincidental. If you're a fan, cautious optimism is advised.