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25 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes Ranked

For the last decade, "Impractical Jokers" has delighted audiences with its willingness to go to great lengths to make us laugh. The gist of the show is this: four guys — comedians Joe Gatto, James "Murr" Murray, Brian "Q" Quinn, and Sal Vulcano — compete in a series of contests amidst real people in the hopes of cracking each other up and winning enough to keep from enduring a painful/embarrassing/awkward punishment at show's end. Said contests typically involve saying or doing stupid things to and around unsuspecting participants while hidden cameras capture the action. "Jokers" may opt-out of a situation they're not comfortable with but absolutely must fulfill the punishment given to them, per the show's rules

Think "Jackass," only more family-friendly (the editors beep out a majority of the swearing) and less painful. 

Created in 2011, "Impractical Jokers" has continually found new ways to shock and surprise us over the years, which is why we decided to go through the series and pick out our favorite 25 episodes from the series in case you want to skip right to the good stuff. Each of the following episodes features at least one classic moment from the series that truly makes it stand out from the others. Because let's be honest, there really aren't any bad episodes of "Impractical Jokers," just those that tickle the funny bone a little harder than others. 

Let's get to it!

Note: Episode numbers taken from HBO Max.

25. HellCopter (Season 5, Episode 1)

A majority of the best episodes of "Impractical Jokers" feature either Murr or Sal (sometimes both) enduring some sort of horrifying punishment. Q and Joe typically take their licks in stride and even lean into the absurdity, while Sal and Murr's reactions are usually so over-the-top you can't help but laugh. 

In Season 5, the pair are forced onto a helicopter, which is already enough to terrify both of them, particularly since Murr has to hang out the side of the vehicle while it ascends — doing nothing to cure the man's fear of heights. However, Q and Joe take the gag one step further and force Sal to leap out of the chopper into a body of water. Naturally, Sal is reluctant to perform the stunt but eventually manages to leap into the cold river after plenty of shouting and cursing. His reaction takes the cake and ends this episode on a high note.

24. Cyber Buddies (Season 2, Episode 27)

"Impractical Jokers" has developed plenty of running gags throughout its evolution, including one in which Joe literally runs around screaming for a fictional man named Larry. The bit is used to great effect in "Cyber Buddies," where, in an early sketch at a supermarket, Joe ends up shouting for his imaginary coworker to do a price check. He runs all over the store while the customer hides her face in embarrassment. In the same segment, Sal induces laughs by scanning a jar of olive oil dozens of times and promptly asks the customer to pay him over $500. Later, Q drops some mints into a customer's bottle of Pepsi and quickly dives for cover as the soda explodes. The reaction by the surrounding onlookers is hilarious. 

However, what makes this episode truly stand out is the final punishment, during which Murr delivers a lecture on computer cleanliness and must watch as his private life is poured out over a giant screen for all to see. 

23. Everything's Just Rosie (Season 2, Episode 22)

In one of the funniest Joe moments of the entire series, the man with no fear works an Italian accent to besiege a surprised (and very amused) family with heaps of mashed potatoes. His goal? To dish out more scoops than his fellow Jokers. Sal manages to deliver five before the guests realize he doesn't work at the restaurant, Murr's plans for a sneak attack fail miserably, while Q, clearly misunderstanding the rules of the game, dumps his entire potato bowl onto a customer's plate.

This leaves Joe needing six scoops to win — and the man delivers 30! Even better, the guests involved in the gag practically fall out of their chairs with laughter. 

Making the episode even more memorable, the group forces Q, the day's loser, to deliver a science lecture to a group of strangers. The bit eventually leads to a "cloning machine" where special guest star Rosie O'Donnell — Q's doppelgänger, per the group — steps out to the surprise of everyone in attendance, especially Q.  

22. Sweat the Small Things (Season 2, Episode 18)

"Sweat the Small Things" leans hard on the lewdness, with hilarious results.   

After an opening bit in which Sal sabotages a painting class with poorly conceived ninja drawings and bizarre flirtations with the female artists in attendance, we jump to a restaurant where the Jokers crank up the obnoxious levels to 10. Joe speaks to a man in "baby talk," which is as funny as it sounds, Q somehow gets a man to rub his thigh, Murr puts a stranger's sock in his mouth, and Sal tries (and fails) to kiss one of the customers on the hand in princely fashion. 

Still, the best gag of the episode sees Sal in front of a group of people delivering a lecture on stress management — ironic, given his propensity for extreme levels of anxiety. Much to his horror, a pre-recorded video features Q, Joe, and Murr engaging in, ah, crude behavior in and around Sal's home. Naturally, Joe takes it all to the extreme by rolling around naked on Sal's couch. The three Jokers cap off their antics with a hilarious public display that draws the gaze of neighbors and prompts Sal to contemplate moving to a new local.

21. Fraudway (Season 8, Episode 11)

Making somebody laugh when they're expecting you to make them laugh can be a difficult feat. Yet, the Jokers always seem to find unique ways to crack each other up, as witnessed in the episode "Fraudway" — a classic episode that displays the Jokers' unique creativity to full effect.

Early in the show, Q, Murr, Sal, and Joe are sitting in a waiting room with some strangers with the intention of forcing each other to laugh. Sal strikes first by biting into deodorant, Q and Joe display funny shirts, but it's Murr who catches everyone by surprise when he suddenly zips away on a Modobag. Later, Murr breaks down when his bit involving a Kool-Aid man goes horribly awry. 

Following his failure, Murr poses as a cameraman during a concert for acclaimed musical artist Yanni, where he must perform the actions relayed to him by his fellow Jokers. The audience sees through the facade quickly enough, but that doesn't stop the bit from getting plenty of laughs, particularly when Murr starts playing peekaboo from behind Yanni's piano. 

20. X Man (Season 6, Episode 7)

This Season 6 episode is memorable for its final gag, which is improvised on the spot. Initially, the four Jokers are brought in to teach a children's art class where they pull off their customary obnoxiousness, much to the chagrin of the younger crowd. Joe puts on an Italian accent and gets his head stuck in a fridge, Sal asks the kids if they want to go with him to Burning Man, Murr pretends to talk to his boss on the phone, and Q is instructed to paint a red "X" on a child's art piece.

Seeing as this isn't just a typical contest, Q refuses to paint the "X" and subsequently falls into deeper waters when Joe exclaims, "Well, that's interesting because we just checked the scoreboard, buddy. You lost this episode," and instructs him to draw an "X" on every canvas in the room. Behind-the-scenes bonus footage reveals the impromptu nature of the gag, which, coupled with the stunned faces of the victimized children, makes the moment all the more legendary.

19. Browbeaten (Season 5, Episode 13)

"Browbeaten" is chock full of hearty laughs strong enough to distinguish the episode as a classic. The first involves Murr trying to convince strangers to give him cash donations for a silly cause. There's a fun exchange between him and a police officer revolving around the donations, to which the kindly woman hands over some of her hard-earned money. Guilt stricken, Murr hands the cash back, unwittingly forfeiting his earnings to that point. Murr then engages with a group of kids to whom he asks, "Are you all over 18?" The bizarre question catches the attention of the loitering cop, causing Murr to panic and blow the show's cover resulting in an automatic loss. 

As a result, Murr must shave off his eyebrows and take a new driver's license photo to capture the moment. He takes the punishment as well as one would expect: "I look like Lex Luthor," he screams. "Well, not yet," Joe proclaims as the barber then proceeds to shave off whatever hair Murr has left on his head. Well, save for a small patch around his bald spot.  

18. Nationals Disaster (Season 3, Episode 5)

"Nationals Disaster," a terrific entry in the series, begins as a showcase for Q, who, in an early contest at a supermarket, sprays whipped cream on a stranger's shopping cart and his own face. When the cart's owner discovers the substance, he immediately looks around for the culprit and sees Q staring right back. The Joker's response is perfect: "It wasn't me."

Later, to cap off the episode, Joe must perform gymnastics alongside professionals. While that may seem a little too silly, even by "Impractical Joker" standards, Joe manages to find ways to make the whole affair hysterical. His moment of glory arrives when he attempts to perform a leap off a vaulting horse. Rather than spring into the air in glorious fashion, Joe crashes and burns in the ball pit while dozens of spectators gawk from afar. Worse, Joe gets himself stuck in said pit and nearly loses his pants climbing out.

17. Strip High Five (Season 2, Episode 5)

If you see the word "strip" in an "Impractical Jokers" title, you know you're in for a funny ride. As promised, this Season 2 episode "Strip High Five" culminates with Joe and perennial loser Murr engaging in a public strip contest. The rules are simple: the Jokers must get passersby to give them a high five. For each person that snubs them, they must remove an article of clothing. The contest ends when one of them is fully naked. Guess who wins? 

While that punishment is certainly worth the price of admission, this episode also features a segment where Murr and Q give a lecture on sensitivity training that predictably goes off the rails very quickly. This is followed by another bit that sees the Jokers taking turns playing receptionist in an office where they engage in some truly bizarre antics. Not to be missed.

16. To Hatch a Predator (Season 7, Episode 15)

"To Hatch a Predator" starts with a bang and builds towards one of the funniest punishments of the series, all of which helps land this episode amongst the classics.

"Predator" opens with the crew taking turns as DNA experts whose job it is to determine a patient's ancestry. Highlights include Sal wrangling toenails from a woman (in the name of science) and Joe pretending to read a thick stack of papers in front of a surprisingly patient client. 

In the second bit, Murr, wandering a grocery store dressed in a flowery robe, tries to get people to notice tortilla shells dropping from his undercarriage. Except, he continuously mistimes the action, leaving his cohorts (and behind-the-scenes crew) in stitches. Later, Joe shamelessly wanders about the same local shouting obscenities to himself. In a hilarious turn of events, the customers recognize the actor and start asking for selfies — a rare moment where a gag is blown as a result of the series' popularity. 

Of course, the funniest moment arrives when Q is forced to smash his head with as many eggs as possible in front of a bunch of children. The twist? The kids were told the eggs contained infant turtles. You can imagine their shock. 

15. Brother-in-Loss (Season 3, Episode 30)

We had to include "Brother-in-Loss" because it marks one of the few times on the show where Murr actually gets the upper hand, enacting a punishment that leaves Sal noticeably speechless.  

Before Murr's big moment, the Jokers engage in a series of mock job interviews where the goal is to somehow land the job even after performing several silly actions. Murr remains surprisingly straight-faced even while removing his belt and shoes, while Q causes his interviewer to question the reality of the situation. Meanwhile, Sal discusses his previous job as a scorpion trainer and Joe engages in banter revolving around his exposed nipples (seen through holes cut in his dress shirt) before standing up to reveal a pair of torn pants that reveal his buttocks. Good stuff. 

Still, as noted earlier, Murr runs away with this one after concocting a punishment that sees him legally marry Sal's sister in front of a packed church featuring his friends and family. Sal's efforts to intervene are nullified by Joe and Q who strap him to a dolly and gag him whenever he opens his mouth to speak. Obviously, none of this is real, but the mere sight of Murr with his sister is enough to torment poor Sal for a lifetime.  

14. Make Womb for Daddy (Season 3, Episode 14)

Sometimes the "Impractical Jokers" go a little too far for laughs, which usually results in, well, even more laughs. This can be seen quite clearly in the first sketch of the episode "Make Womb for Daddy" where the group breaks into pairs — Joe teams up with Murr while Sal partners with Q — to serve sandwiches in a restaurant. At one point, Joe's antics get to be too much for a mother and daughter to handle, prompting the pair to quietly exit the store mid-order. Later, Sal and Q's actions — violently punching bread, giving each other massages — lead to a walkout from another beleaguered customer. Yikes!

At any rate, what separates this episode from the pack is Q's punishment. What starts out a simple gag in which the long-haired Joker teaches a Lamaze class quickly turns into a painful lesson when an electronic device is strapped that mimics the pain of childbirth is strapped to his person. After a few mild jolts, the device unexpectedly cranks up to Level 8. Q, predictably, does all he can to handle the agony while a group of women watch in bemused silence. 

13. Dark Side of the Moon (Season 5, Episode 10)

Throughout the "Impractical Joker" episodes, it's amazing just how willing (and patient) most of the unsuspecting participants are to engage in the gang's silly activities. In "Dark Side of the Moon," the gang splits into two teams and pretends to work as grocery store stockers where they must get a customer to relay a message to their cohort. The last one to get their message delivered wins. Somehow, Sal and Murr manage to converse via a very patient woman who travels back and forth dozens of times to the astonishment of everyone involved. She gets a free cake for her efforts, but her willingness to play along makes her one of the more memorable contributors to the series.

Murr comes up short in the episode and endures what, in all likelihood, will go down as the most brutal punishment ever conceived on the series — a very public prostate exam. Not once, but twice. All in the name of science, for sure. 

12. Tipping Point (Season 8, Episode 3)

Sal seems to always draw the short end of the stick on "Impractical Jokers," which often makes for hilarious TV. One of his more memorable punishments occurs in "Tipping Point," where he assumes the guise of a delivery man who disapproves of every tip he receives at the coworking space Jointure. "I have experience as a delivery man, but not as an a***ole," Sal muses. One by one, customers arrive to collect their lunches, and each time Sal slams the gratuity offered. Surprisingly, his bad-mouthing always results in more money. One guy gives Sal $5, and the Joker follows up with, "You got another dollar there. Hit me with one more!" 

Naturally, his fellow Jokers order Sal to turn up the heat. And so, when prompted, he straight up tells a customer, "This is a terrible tip," a comment that leaves the extremely polite woman speechless. As a follow-up, Sal then tells a young man named Leon, "This tip is s***." A moment compounded by the fact that Leon forgot the keycard to his office and must wait for someone to open the door for him. 

The entire segment is enough to place "Tipping Point" amongst the best episodes of the series.

11. Art Attack (Season 2, Episode 4)

"Art Attack" goes through the typical Joker shenanigans but ends on such a wild note we just had to put it on the list. After losing a hand-holding contest and a bit in a comic book store (which is funny in its own right), Murr is forced to host an art gala where he will showcase his "personal creations." Except, the Joker has no idea what each piece is until they are revealed one by one. 

Good luck! 

First, we get a picture of a young woman with a "countdown to legal" clock attached, which creeps out the astonished onlookers. The second consists of a dummy with an absurd amount of body hair mocked up to look like Murr sitting in his bed as a young man, replete with his childhood blanket. The third is, well — let's just say it's shocking enough to cause many of the spectators to vacate the premises as quickly as possible. 

10. Whose Phone is Ringing? (Season 5, Episode: 11)

A rudimentary episode turns legendary thanks to a final punishment that sees Sal dealing with a continuously ringing cell phone while attending a live book reading event. Naturally, the attendees grow agitated by the constant intrusions prompting one of the women in the crowd to take it upon herself to turn off Sal's phone. Of course, this doesn't sit well with Q, Joe, or Murr, who instruct their long-suffering fellow Joker to switch his phone back on so they can continue their hilarious assault. 

To make matters worse, Sal heads to the stage to perform his own book reading as the audience looks on in awkward silence. The title of his book? "Silence is Golden," which he reads even as his phone continues to ring. Those in attendance display an absurd amount of patience with this obtrusive stranger and even give him a healthy round of applause once he promptly exits the stage.

9. Like a Boss (Season 7, Episode 16)

One of the all-time most cringe-inducing entries to "Impractical Jokers" has poor Murr dressed as a hipster and heckling a Tumblr meeting. Seated near the back of the group, the Joker opens the gag by shouting "Like a boss" during an early presentation, which draws some laughs from the surrounding crowd. Unfortunately, Murr is forced to say the line more obnoxiously over and over again until members of the party start angrily ordering him to quiet down. Things get so bad that many in the room call for security to haul Murr away via a group Slack chat — a tactic undone by Murr's declaration, "I'm on Slack too. I can see what you're saying." 

As the bit continues, Murr is forced to take off his shoes, rub his feet and insult Guy Fieri. Mercifully, the punishment comes to an end, and Murr bolts out of the room faster than a ferret on skates. 

8. Elephant in the Room (Season 2, Episode 3)

Another classic episode, "Elephant in the Room," starts with the Jokers impersonating dentists with the goal of doing and or saying whatever they're told to do and or say to their patient. The funniest moment has Sal declining his patient's chair until the poor guy is practically clinging for dear life — a bit that leaves Sal in stitches. 

In the second segment, the Jokers work at a movie theater where they take turns tossing "3D popcorn," impersonating Christopher Walken, casting suspicious glances at unsuspecting customers, and behaving like sassy women.  

The episode ends with Sal digging through elephant poop to find his car keys, a nice callback to the very first "Impractical Jokers," during which the poor guy is forced to hold dog poop in his hand for 30 seconds. In each instance, Sal can barely keep it together and spends most of the segment dry heaving or angrily yelling at his fellow Jokers. However, we, the audience, spend the whole segment laughing our heads off. 

7. The Blunder Years (Season 4, Episode 6)

"The Blunder Years" earns its place on this list thanks to a final act that sees poor Murr engaging in a one-on-one with his childhood crush, Danica McKellar, who played Winnie Cooper on the popular TV show "The Wonder Years," while wearing nothing but a thong. 

How did we get here? 

Well, after striking out on the first two contests, Murr is tricked into thinking he's performing at an amateur bodybuilding contest, which he seems surprisingly game for. The boys dress him in a red, white, and blue speedo, lather him up real good, and even take the time to walk him past other contestants. Except, when he walks through the stage door, he's greeted with Danica sitting alone in a chair awaiting an interview. Obviously, the actress is in on the joke, but that doesn't make the moment any less awkward. At one point, Murr is instructed to show off his muscles, and he reluctantly obliges while Danica watches in disgust. 

Once the sketch is over, the actress lets out a laugh as poor Murr quietly slinks away.

6. Turning the Tables (Season 7, Episode 6)

In another amazing episode, titled "Turning the Tables," the four Jokers take turns driving through a shopping mall on a motorized chair controlled by their cohorts. Each Joker gets their moment to shine, but Joe gets the biggest laughs when his antics break the chair and cause the device to leave a trail of smoke in its wake. 

As a result, Joe must endure a rather painful punishment. Disguised as a restaurant manager, the Joker is tasked with determining which tables in the establishment are real and which ones are fake by throwing his body on top of them. To compound matters, the real tables are surrounded by real customers. 

His first go produces a look of genuine shock from the person seated at the table, while his continued efforts result in confusion from the crowd of onlookers followed by bursts of laughter. In one instance, Joe leaps from atop a ladder and crashes down on a breakaway table so hard it's a wonder he managed to walk away. Sometimes, comedy really hurts. 

5. The Permanent Punishment (Season 3, Episode 26)

Often considered by many to be the greatest episode of "Impractical Jokers," "The Permanent Punishment" delivers 20 solid minutes of pure comedy gold and ends on one of the most bizarre bits of TV you're likely to ever see. 

To start, the Jokers set up shop as "security guards" at a convenience store. The bit takes a turn when Murr engages with a quick-witted (though good-natured) man who hits him with a plethora of insults — "Get off of me, you freak!" — that leads to the Jokers retaliating by instructing Murr to say, "I figured out what smells. It's your p***y!" Murr blurts out the word without thinking and immediately recoils. "It just came out," he screams, leaving Joe, Q, and Sal in stitches.

The next bit has the awesome foursome pinning balloons on unsuspecting grocery shoppers. Whoever attaches the most balloons without the customer's knowledge wins, leading to a contest that's more intense than it has any right to be.

Finally, Joe emerges as the episode's lone winner and punishes his three cohorts with tattoos. We won't spoil the results, but suffice to say you'll never look at ferrets or Jaden Smith the same way again.  

4. Enter the Dragons (Season 2, Episode 23)

In one of the bigger (and best) episodes of the series, "Enter the Dragons" has losers Sal and Joe open for the band Imagine Dragons in front of a crowd of thousands. Neither can play an instrument, much less sing, but that doesn't stop Q and Murr from prompting their fellow Jokers to make up lyrics to phony song titles on the spot, sing a cappella, insult the city and say the name of the main band incorrectly — "Imagination Dragons." Sal does his best as lead singer while Joe rocks the drums in a couple of wild solos. Though, nothing beats the moment where, when prompted, Sal drops to the stage and attempts the worm while Joe taps out a drum beat.

Earlier in the episode, the Jokers jump on an escalator and try to get a passerby to perform an action before the ride ends. Later, they take turns whispering to customers in a grocery store with the goal of getting the customers to whisper back — a feat far more difficult than it sounds. 

3. Look Out Below (Season 3, Episode 1)

Another classic episode sees the Jokers impersonating bellhops at a hotel and performing their usual array of pratfalls in front of confused guests. Joe moons the neighbors then drags his butt on the carpet like a dog. Q takes a leak in the toilet mid-conversation and offers to engage in a threesome with the couple in attendance. Murr takes it upon himself to unpack his guests' bags and Sal, in the best bit, brings in piles of towels before casually heading into the bathroom to take a shower — a moment that causes the couple in attendance to fall on the floor in a fit of laughter. 

After another pair of segments that see our heroes selling hotdogs in a park and showing off stupid inventions, Murr emerges as the loser. His reward? Skydiving, in a bit rendered all the more hilarious due to Murr's overwhelming fear of heights and planes in general. Honestly, the sight of a grown man screaming profusely while plummeting to the earth is one of the funniest things you'll likely ever see.

2. B-I-N-G-NO (Season 3, Episode 30)

From start to finish, the "B-I-N-G-NO" episode of "Impractical Jokers" is hilarious and another great example of the lengths our Jokers will go for a laugh. The episode begins in a delicatessen where our gang converses with customers in a typically absurd fashion. Joe calls out a customer for his "eyebrow game" while Q somehow convinces a former colleague to lend him $200.

The second segment, during which the gang masquerades as popsicle vendors, hits its peak when Murr is locked in his cart and hauled away by Q. Murr's screams prompt Sal to observe, "He sounds like an infant." Even so, Sal finds himself on the wrong end of the popsicle stick when he opens one of the containers in his cart and finds his former pet fish (that died months earlier) lying in wait. 

Of course, the best part of the episode is Sal's punishment. The gang sticks the poor guy in a bingo tournament and watches as he calls out the magic word over and over again, creating a ruckus amongst the other participants. The segment is easily one of the more cringe-inducing moments of the entire series.

1. Rubbed the Wrong Way (Season 6, Episode 18)

The best episode of "Impractical Jokers" features one of the series' most side-splitting punishments. Joe, painted blue and attached to a wire that is controlled offstage, must act as the Genie in a mock production of "Arabian Nights." Joe zips around the stage smashing into sets and props and nearly loses his drawers in front of a stunned audience that's not sure whether to laugh or scream. The bit is genuinely hilarious.

Earlier, the foursome take turns gathering phone numbers from strangers in a food court. Once the number is collected, three of the Jokers send the participant bizarre text messages. The twist is that said text messages are supposedly written by an assigned Joker, who must awkwardly stand nearby during the conversation. The best of the lot has Sal "engaging" in a discussion about teeth as the confused recipient of his messages throws befuddled looks over his shoulder. 

In another contest, the foursome break into teams of two at a grocery store where they must steal items from customers and toss them to their teammate. Memorably, Joe tries to toss a watermelon, which doesn't go well for anyone.