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Dragon Ball Super's Super Hero Timeline Explained

"Dragon Ball" isn't too hard to understand. Seriously, when we break it down, the series is essentially about powerful figures in conflict duking it out in hyper-kinetic battles. Power levels rise. Characters die. Characters resurrect. And beams with the power of ten million suns get fired as easily as a super soaker in a summertime water gun battle. Okay, so maybe there's a bit of complexity in the tried and true "Dragon Ball" formula, but the central premise of martial hero Goku and his friends isn't too confusing to grasp. However, the timeline for "Dragon Ball" is a different story.

When it comes to following the timeline in "Dragon Ball," everything can become trickier than a Saibaman playing possum. This is partially thanks to the history of plot retcons and debates on what's canon within the entire" Dragon Ball" franchise. Heck, Trunks, our favorite time-hopping sword-wielding Super Saiyan, throws a confusing wrench into the flow of time thanks to the introduction of his alternate timeline. The upcoming "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" could have made the timeline more confusing. However, thanks to the film's creators, we have a better idea of how the film fits within the series.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero takes place after the last Broly film

During the 2021 New York Comic Con Panel, the creators of "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" actually explained when the film takes place within the Z-fighters timeline. Via ComicBook.com, "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero," takes place after the last animated film, "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," but still sometime before the "End of Z Saga." Also known as the "Peaceful World Saga," the "End of Z Saga" is the last storyline in "Dragon Ball Z" that takes place ten years after the battle with Kid Buu (via Dragon Ball Fandom). Hopefully, when "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" premieres, it'll give a better idea of just how close it is to the final arc.

A new official key image featuring a teen Goten and Trunks, give clues that the movie isn't too far off from the end. Trailers have also shown off an older Pan training with Piccolo, which also gives the impression it's closer towards the original finale of the series. The upcoming film's placement after "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" provides a clear picture of the timeline during this "Super Era" of the franchise as the confirmation from the creators establishes "Super Hero" as the latest plot point in animated form. However, things still get a bit murky when we consider the current action in the manga. Via IGN, with "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero," it's still unclear where the film takes place between the manga's "Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc" and ongoing "Granolah the Survivor Arc." Maybe we'll get an explanation after the movie premieres, April 22, 2022.