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The Wicked Tuna Crew Member Who's More Qualified Than We Realized

"Wicked Tuna" gives viewers the opportunity to witness the daily life of ambitious tuna fisherman from the comfort of their own homes. The National Geographic series follows fishermen in New England working to catch the sought-after bluefin tuna, a species with dwindling numbers (via Center for Biological Diversity). The job requires working grueling hours and conquering rocky waters, but can result in bragging rights and massive payouts. It's a demanding job that requires a lot of patience, so it's definitely easier to watch on TV than experience in real life. 

The National Geographic Channel has aired 10 seasons of "Wicked Tuna" since its debut in 2012. Over time, fans have gotten to know plenty about the show's central characters, like PinWheel captain Tyler McLaughlin or Hot Tuna captain TJ Ott. But throughout the last decade, there have been a few fishermen who were humble about their fishing expertise.

Season 9 of "Wicked Tuna" centers around a few fishing operations out of New England, like the F/V Wasabi out of Saco, Maine, or Fat Tuna out of Beverly, Massachusetts. But one brother-sister duo is following in their family footsteps to pursue tuna fishing and dedicating their time to mastering the craft, and one of the two is more qualified than fans first thought.

Sam Law is a qualified seaman with family history of fishing

Sam Law and Carrie Law-Jones are the brother-sister duo helming the F/V Kraken during Season 9 of "Wicked Tuna." Their ship sails out of Seabrook, New Hampshire, but their grandfather was previously a harpoon tuna fisherman in Maine. Sam has worked all across the country on commercial marine vessels, but his family history in New England brought him back home to the Kraken, according to National Fisherman. Prior to returning home, he hauled jet fuel in 600-foot tanker ships across the Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Hawaii. 

Sam is truly determined to make any trip a success, with his mindset always being "Did we get one?" while at sea (via Wicked Tuna Twitter). This determination comes from years of experience and education, during which Sam honed in his knowledge. Prior to getting on a commercial ship, Sam graduated from the Maine Maritime Academy. All in all, the fishing captain not only has roots in the tuna fishing industry, but he also 20 years of invaluable experience behind him (via Kraken Tuna Charters), making his perfectly suited for appearing in "Wicked Tuna."