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Tom Hiddleston's Latest Loki Comments Have Us Seriously Worried About His MCU Future

When most people think of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, their first thoughts turn toward the forbears of the overarching franchise. You have Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Chris Evans as Captain America leading the way, not only appearing in their own separate series but teaming up (or fighting one another) for various crossover events. However, there's one name who also likely deserves to be on the Mount Rushmore of the MCU, and that's Tom Hiddleston's Loki. 

First appearing in 2011's "Thor," Loki's gone on to be a prominent presence in this universe. He was the main villain in 2012's "Avengers" and went on to appear in the other two "Thor" movies as well as "Avengers: Infinity War." He may have met his end at Thanos' (Josh Brolin) hands in "Infinity War," but Marvel wasn't quite done with him yet. He would go on to finally lead his own original self-titled Disney+ series. This sees a different version of Loki get captured by the Time Variance Authority, having to team up with a variant of himself, played by Sophia Di Martino, to get out of this bureaucratic nightmare.

While fans undoubtedly wish more Loki would come down the pipeline, Hiddleston recently made some comments that may have some viewers worried about his future in the MCU.

Tom Hiddleston says he's a 'temporary torchbearer' for Loki

Loki has proven time and time again that death in the MCU doesn't always necessarily mean it's the end of the road for the character. They can continue coming back time and time again, and now that the multiverse has broken open with "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," there's an infinite number of versions of our beloved characters out there who can enter the main timeline. 

Still, the actors who play these characters are only human, and it makes sense that eventually, they'd want to step away from these roles. As of right now, there's no endpoint for when Hiddleston will stop playing "Loki," especially seeing how his Disney+ series will go on for at least a second season. However, the actor recently made comments that are bound to get fans a little scared. 

During a "Loki" discussion hosted by the Royal Television Society, Hiddleston mentioned, "I'm a temporary torchbearer" (via Variety). The statement's in response to sharing the role with other actors like Di Martino and Richard E. Grant. He goes on to say, "I've always thought that. It's a great role. It's an archetype, the trickster god, the agent of chaos. I'm just here interpreting that for the time being. Loki has been here for centuries and will be here for centuries more, and I'm just stepping into that silhouette for now."

It's cryptic, to be sure. But the fact that Hiddleston uses the word "temporary" may suggest that his days as the trickster god are numbered.