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30 Shows Like Attack On Titan You Need To See

"Attack on Titan" depicts humanity's hopeless war against man-eating giants known as Titans. No one in this series ever feels safe: The minute you let your guard down, your favorite character gets devoured by a creepy-looking Titan. This vision of post-apocalyptic adventure quickly became a worldwide success, spawning multiple spin-offs, video games, and even a live-action movie

Though the success of "Attack on Titan" is amazing, all good things must come to an end: As reported by Anime News Network, the manga concluded its 11-year run in April 2021. The massively popular anime adaptation has begun to wind down as well, kicking off its fourth and final season in 2020. What's an eager fan hungry for more epically action-packed anime to do? Watch more anime, of course — and we've got plenty of recommendations. These 30 shows boast the sort of engaging themes and well-animated violence that made "Attack on Titan" into a phenomenon.

Tokyo Ghoul

Instead of monsters who try to break into a city, "Tokyo Ghoul" features monsters who are already living within a city. Flesh-eating ghouls lurk among Tokyo's populace, fooling their victims with their human-like appearances. They subsist on human flesh, and boast extraordinary powers that help them hunt down their prey.

A reserved college student named Ken Kaneki nearly becomes a victim of these creatures after he's seduced by a beautiful ghoul named Rize Kamishiro. After a deadly struggle and a freak accident, a wounded Kaneki and a presumed-dead Rize are taken to the hospital. Kaneki's life is spared, thanks to a last-minute organ transplant from Rize. However, the surgery comes at the cost of Kaneki's humanity: He starts exhibiting certain ghoulish traits, such as a hunger for human flesh. Now, Kaneki must walk the thin line between human and ghoul, as both sides try to destroy him.

Hellsing Ultimate

Much like the organization dedicated to destroying the Titans on "Attack on Titan," "Hellsing Ultimate" features a group dedicated to eradicating the undead. The Hellsing Organization is operated by a no-nonsense woman named Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates, who is tasked with saving England and the Queen from the supernatural. Her secret weapon against the forces of the underworld is a vampire named Alucard, who wears a sinister smile on his face and a blood-red coat on his back. 

"Hellsing Ultimate" kicks off when Alucard intervenes in a vampiric priest's assault upon policewoman Seras Victoria. After firing a round through her body to kill the blood-sucking fiend, Alucard saves Seras' life ... by turning her into a vampire. The series proceeds to explore Seras' gradual acceptance of her new lifestyle, as well as her enrollment in the Hellsing Organization as Alucard's minion.

Elfen Lied

"Elfen Lied" explores a lot of the same issues "Attack on Titan" does: The dangerous existence of a new human species, a shadowy government's involvement in the creation and exploitation of said species, and, of course, the innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire.

Lucy is a Diclonius, a mutant race of humans who have small horns on their heads and possess psychokinetic powers. After being subjected to abusive experiments, Lucy slaughters her government captors and breaks free from her containment. Her escape results in a crippling head injury, however, which temporarily replaces Lucy's cold personality with that of the child-like Nyu. It's in this gentler state that she is saved by a college student named Kouta, who takes her in following the breakout. He is completely unaware of the dangers that lie ahead.


Just like "Attack on Titan" features the terrifying Titans and the heroes who fight them, "Claymore" focuses on horrible man-eating creatures called Youma and the special human beings manufactured to destroy them.

Clare, a silver-haired swordswoman, is one of these fighters, who are known as Claymores. A half-human and half-Youma hybrid, she was created for the sole purpose of annihilating the demonic shape-shifters who terrorize her world. Clare successfully saves the life of a young boy named Raki from the Youma after they've eaten his entire family. However, the boy is exiled from his village for coming in contact with the fearsome monsters. With nowhere else to go, Raki joins Clare on her crusade against the Youma.


"Berserk" shares many of its dark themes with "Attack on Titan," as well as a penchant for horrific violence. Set in a medieval fantasy world, "Berserk" stars the "Black Swordsman" known as Guts, who is ambushed by a group of mercenaries that call themselves the Band of the Hawk. While Guts easily defeats the majority of the Band of the Hawk, he is taken out with one blow by their leader, Griffith. Intrigued by Guts, Griffith recruits the lone mercenary to his troop. As three years pass, Guts not only becomes a commander of the Band of the Hawk, but a strong ally to Griffith as well. Their success comes at a great cost, however — one they might not be able to pay.

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Both "Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress" and "Attack on Titan" take place in an apocalyptic world, where mankind's existence is threatened by horrifying monsters. In a last-ditch effort at survival, the remaining populace has walled themselves up from the outside world.

In "Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress," the role of the Titans is filled by the Kabane, who act more like the zombie terror from "Night of the Living Dead" than anything else. These undead husks are able to infect anyone who comes into physical contact with them. There's only one way to kill a Kabane: Their steel-coated hearts must be pierced. Luckily, a young smith named Ikoma has developed a weapon capable of doing just that. What ensues is a thrilling adventure set against a fantastical take on the Industrial Revolution.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

If you're looking for a more psychological take on the sort of globe-spanning conflict "Attack on Titan" tackles, then take a look at "Neon Genesis Evangelion." 14-year-old Shinji Ikari unwillingly becomes the next pilot of an Evangelion unit, a mysterious alien robot used to defend Earth from otherworldly monsters known as Angels. What begins as a simple boy-meets-giant-robot story slowly transitions into a searing character study that analyzes the cast's broken psyches. Things become even more intense as the show examines the actions of the mysterious NERV organization, and the strained relationship between Shinji and his father, Gendo Ikari. "Neon Genesis Evangelion" can be a hard watch, but it's also incredibly engaging and deeply rewarding.

Gurren Lagann

Think of "Gurren Lagann" as a mecha-focused "Attack on Titan" that's operating on Red Bull. The series begins with two young men, the free-spirited Kamina and the timid Simon, as they leave their underground village behind in favor of the uncharted surface world. Accompanying them is an ancient artifact of war the duo dubs Lagann and a fiery redhead named Yoko Littner, who wields a high-powered energy rifle. 

The trio is up against the Beastmen, human-animal hybrids responsible for sending humanity below the surface. But the truth about their enemy –and the origin of Lagann — is stranger than they expect. "Gurren Lagann" is all about over-the-top style: It even boasts some of the most powerful characters in all of anime. But it also has plenty of substance to keep you coming back for more.

God Eater

Based on the 2010 video game series of the same name, "God Eater" takes place in the dire future of 2071. Humanity has been ravaged by man-eating creatures called Aragami, which can't be killed by mere human weapons. As a last resort, an organization known as Fenrir is established to train superhuman soldiers called God Eaters. 

Only God Eaters are capable of wielding advanced weaponry known as God Arcs to slay the Aragami. The latest God Eater, Lenka Utsugi, may hold the key to wiping out the Aragami — his God Arc functions as a blade and a gun. "Attack on Titan" fans who enjoy the "God Eater" anime's high-octane action and apocalyptic setting should check out the games as well.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

"Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign" envisions an apocalyptic world not enslaved by Titans, but by the ancient evil known as vampires. Thanks to a virus that's wiped out anyone above the age of 13, the reclusive blood-suckers have come out of the shadows to rule the world. In exchange for survival, the remaining adolescents must surrender their blood to their captors. 

Two young orphans, Yūichirō and Mikaela, initiate a daring escape plan, but only Yūichirō gains freedom. He is rescued by the Moon Demon Company, a military unit dedicated to exterminating the vampire menace. Eventually, Yūichirō joins the elite group in the hopes of getting vengeance for his orphaned family — but can he overcome the vicious evil that now dominates the world?

The Promised Neverland

"Attack on Titan" fans who are tickled by innocent-looking shows that are secretly twisted will love "The Promised Neverland." This series begins in an orphanage called Grace Field House, which is home to a group of children and their "Mama," Isabella. Beyond their daily exams, the children are allowed to do whatever they please, as long as they don't venture too far from the orphanage. Eventually, orphaned children get adopted and move to a loving home ... or at least, that's what the children are told. 

In truth, Grace Field House is a farm created to feed flesh-hungry demons. After discovering this nightmarish reality, the orphans decide to escape. But what can a band of kids accomplish in such a terrifying world? More than you might think.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Whether it's the original 2003 anime series or the 2009 "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" reboot, the "Fullmetal Alchemist” series is worth getting into. After performing a forbidden act of alchemy to resurrect their departed mother, young Edward and Alphonse Elric face a grievous punishment: Alphonse's body is snatched away, forcing his soul to reside in a suit of armor, while Edward loses an arm and a leg. 

Determined to reclaim their flesh, the Elric brothers enlist in the military as State Alchemists. But their world is a complex one, full of monsters, metaphysical mysteries, and war. Their journey isn't easy –  every incarnation of "Fullmetal Alchemist" features surprisingly dark moments that make the characters feel truly vulnerable. But the Elric brothers are more than up to the task.

Knights of Sidonia

"Knights of Sidonia" is basically "Attack on Titan" in space. Not satisfied with merely destroying the Earth, a fearsome alien race known as the Gauna pursue the remnants of humanity who have escaped to the stars. Nagate Tanikaze is just one of the 500,000 people living through this horrible new reality on the spaceship Sidonia. When the Gauna finally track down the Sidonia, he leaves his secluded life in the ship's underground layer behind. Alongside his fellow soldiers, Nagate pilots a mechanized weapon called a Garde in the fight for humanity's survival.

Blue Gender

Just as the Titans rule the world of "Attack of Titan," the bug-like alien race known as the Blue have become Earth's dominant species in "Blue Gender."

The Blue have completely conquered Earth, forcing humanity to take shelter in a space station referred to as Second Earth. Yuji Kaido missed this transition entirely, as he was put in cryogenic stasis. Awake to the bug-infested reality of the future, Yuji learns to fight for mankind's future. He is accompanied by a highly skilled, yet emotionally cold woman named Marlene Angel, with whom he builds a deep bond. "Attack on Titan" fans who like the series' psychological elements will especially enjoy the way "Blue Gender" explores Yuji's complicated psyche.

Sword Art Online

"Sword Art Online" and "Attack on Titan" both explore a trapped populace put under extraordinary duress. In "Sword Art Online," an online virtual reality game has taken the world by storm. It's launched on "NerveGear" technology, which allows players to control their characters with their thoughts and experience the virtual environment through all five senses. What seems like an exciting launch quickly turns into a nightmare, however, as everyone realizes they're unable to log off. The only way out of the game is to complete all 100 levels, and anyone who dies in the game will die in the real world as well. 

To escape the virtual world, Kazuto Kirigaya must learn to work together with other trapped players, like Asuna Yuuki of the Knights of the Blood guild. Can they survive all 100 levels of the deadly game? Maybe — but it won't be easy.

Akame ga Kill!

"Akame ga Kill!" has the same rebellious spirit as "Attack on Titan." Moreover, both series focus on a group of extraordinary people determined to change their grim reality.

A young man named Tatsumi travels to the Capital in the hopes of joining their military and earning money for his impoverished village. After arriving at his destination, however, Tatsumi is quickly exposed to the cruel and greedy leadership of the government. A high-born family, feigning pity for his predicament, even tries to kill him — luckily, Tasumi is saved by a group of freedom fighters known as Night Raid. Quickly radicalized by the strong and quirky members of this band of fighters, Tatsumi joins them on their quest to take back the Capital on behalf of the people.

From the New World

"From the New World" and "Attack on Titan" both feature a naïve cast of characters who discover the horrible truth about their assumed havens. After gaining psychic abilities, 12-year-old Saki Watanabe is finally able to attend Sage Academy with her friends. But Sage Academy is not exactly the idyll it appears to be. Moreover, Saki grows concerned over the vague fate of children unable to awaken their psychic powers — to say nothing of those who fail to master them adequately. These mysteries lead Saki and her friends to discover the ugly truth about their seemingly utopian home — and to do something about it.

Devilman Crybaby

The post-apocalyptic world of "Attack on Titan" presents the Titans as the greatest threat to life on Earth. In contrast, "Devilman Crybaby" presents humanity as just as cruel and unforgiving as demons — perhaps even more so.

Kind-hearted Akira Fudo is asked by his childhood friend, Ryo Asuka, to investigate the demons that dwell among humanity. When their journey takes them to a debauched nightclub,  Akira ends up merging with Amon, a malevolent demon with enormous powers. Despite Amon's presence, Akira still has the same crybaby heart he's always carried. Together, he and Ryo decide to work together to find more demons — but the revelation of these evil entities' presence on Earth has caused humanity to turn against each other.

Ergo Proxy

The world of "Ergo Proxy" is not so different from the world of "Attack on Titan." After an ecological catastrophe wrecks life on Earth, the last remnants of humanity reside inside domed cities like Romdeau. Humanoid robots called AutoReivs, created to accelerate the recovery process, live among flesh-and-blood humans in these places. However, a mysterious disease dubbed the "Cogito virus" has begun to infect the AutoReivs with self-awareness, which has resulted in a series of murders. Re-l Mayer, an inspector for the Citizen Intelligence Bureau and the granddaughter of Romdeau's ruler, must get to the bottom of this — but as her investigation continues, Re-l uncovers shocking truths she might not be ready to confront.

World Trigger

Just like the heroes of "Attack on Titan" face invasion, "World Trigger" finds humanity threatened by strange creatures of mysterious origin. They're called Neighbors, and they travel from their world to Earth through a mysterious gate in Mikado City.

To combat the alien assault, the Border defense agency is established. Through the use of special weapons called Triggers, Border successfully tackles the Neighbors' amazing powers. But one day, a trainee named Osamu Mikumo is forced to go against the code and use his Trigger in public to save the life of a transfer student named Yūma Kuga. To Osamu's shock, Yūma saves himself from the aliens, and is revealed to be a Neighbor in human form.

Now and Then, Here and There

"Now and Then, Here and There" and "Attack on Titan" both explore what it takes to survive when everything seems lost. After finding a mysterious girl named Lala-Ru who carries a pendant concealing an enormous reservoir of water, Shuzo "Shu" Matsutani is transported to a dangerous desert world. For his association with her, Shu is punished by the brutal soldiers of this dystopian realm. Despite being subjected to hideous abuse, Shu continues to search for Lala-Ru, in the hopes of saving her from her mysterious predicament. "Now and Then, Here and There" is an extremely dark show that focuses on the horrors of war. However, it's all handled with care and done in service of an emotionally rewarding story, much like "Attack on Titan."


"Attack on Titan" and "86" both deal with societies that willingly live in ignorance of their own cruelty. In "86," war rages between the Republic of San Magnolia and the Empire of Giad. Though the conflict has been going on for nine years, the public still believes the battle is only being fought by robots. In reality, the Republic of San Magnolia uses "Juggernauts" from its secret 86th district, which are piloted by that district's persecuted minority. Vladilena Milizé, a high-born military officer, is assigned to oversee a prestigious squadron of 86 pilots, led by Shinei Nouzen. Despite their class difference, Lena and Shinei start to develop a special bond — and in time, uncover the dark secret of the Republic.

Casshern Sins

Humanity and their robotic overlords both suffer in the post-apocalyptic world of "Casshern Sins." Having been overthrown by their own artificially intelligent creations, people now live under the barbaric rule of the robotic Braiking Boss. When Braiking Boss hears of a girl named Luna who could bring salvation to the humans, he sends three of his best cyborgs to assassinate her. One of them, Casshern, tracks and eliminates Luna — but in doing so, he dooms man and robot-kind. 

As the years pass, the poisoned planet causes people to sicken and die and robots to rust. Their only hope is a fable that says any robot who devours Casshern will be granted immortality. But Casshern, who disappeared after murdering Luna, has no memory of who he is.


Just as "Attack on Titan" focuses on the seclusion of those living within the walls, "Texhnolyze" is about the underground city of Lux. Lux is crumbling physically and spiritually. The power struggle between three rival factions who want to control Texhnolyze, advanced cybernetic prostheses, is brutalizing it even further. 

Ichise, a former prize fighter, becomes the guinea pig of a scientist testing out newly designed Texhnolyze. Though his artificial limbs allow him to work for one of the warring factions, things get complicated after he encounters a young girl named Ran who possesses the power to see the future. They soon realize that they're the only ones capable of saving the city from its inevitable demise.

Ajin: Demi-Human

While the Titans of "Attack on Titan" are portrayed as killing machines, "Ajin: Demi-Human" pities its monsters. Mysterious, human-like immortals appeared in Africa 17 years prior to the events of this story. Fearing the immense power they possess, humanity deemed these creatures, referred to as Ajin, a threat to society. The government has captured and experimented on the Ajin, claiming they're protecting them for their good. 

As a high school student growing up in this world, Kei Nagai is taught to fear and discriminate against the Ajin. But everything changes after he is killed in a traffic accident and immediately regenerates, revealing his Ajin nature.

Black Bullet

Think of Black Bullet as the kawaii version of "Attack on Titan." The world has been infected with Gastrea, a virus that transforms humans into monstrous creatures who cause death and destruction. To survive, the people reside within the "Monolith," and rely on the existence of powerful little girls known as Cursed Children. These young fighters possess enough traces of the virus to give them superhuman abilities without transforming themselves into full-blown monsters. 

The Cursed Children are accompanied by handlers who instruct them in their battle against the Gastrea and alert them to those in need of rescue. Enju Aihara and her teenage partner Rentarō Satomi work together to save what's left of humanity in this manner — but the battle will be harder than they realize. While this series is brightly colored and features lots of adorable characters, "Black Bullet" does feature the sort of hard-hitting moments "Attack on Titan" fans love.


"Deca-Dence" takes place in the far future, where humanity has been nearly eradicated by killer lifeforms called the Gadoll. The remaining population lives in the gigantic mobile fortress known as Deca-Dence. Natsume, a young and energetic girl with a prosthetic right arm, dreams of one day joining the warriors who live in Deca-Dence's upper floors. Her age and disability confine her to backline support — until a veteran armor repairer named Kaburagi sees potential in her. Kaburagi begins to mentor Natsume, believing she might be the one to finally bring change to their world.

No. 6

In the seemingly perfect world of "No. 6," no good deed goes unpunished. Shion lives in No. 6, one of the six city-states that formed after a worldwide war. On his 12th birthday, he takes a mysterious boy named Nezumi into his elite residence. Nezumi, who lives in the desolate wastelands outside the city's protective walls, is on the run from the police. When word gets out about this act of kindness, Shion and his mother are banished from their privileged home. 

Four years later, Shion gets entangled in a strange government cover-up that involves a series of murders caused by accelerated aging. When the establishment threatens to permanently silence him, Nezumi returns to save him. Reunited, Shion and Nezumi set out to unravel the strange mystery of No. 6.

Parasyte: The Maxim

Instead of openly conquering humanity like the Titans do in "Attack on Titan," the parasitic aliens of "Parasyte: The Maxim" take a body-snatcher approach. By burrowing into the brains of unsuspecting humans, the Parasites gain control of their hosts and use them to feed on others. High school student Shinichi Izumi nearly becomes a victim of the Parasites, but his invader, Migi, only manages to control his right hand. The two beings must learn to live together if they want to survive alien assaults from other Parasites, who sense a danger to their kind in this unique collaboration.

Demon Slayer

"Demon Slayer" and "Attack on Titan" both yank their protagonists out of their normal lives through loss and violence. Young Tanjiro Kamado has taken up the role of the man of the house following the death of his father. After leaving his family to sell charcoal, Tanjiro returns to the gruesome sight of his slaughtered kin, who fell prey to an unknown demon. Only Tanjiro's sister, Nezuko, escaped the massacre — but she's been turned into a bloodthirsty demon herself. In the wake of this disaster, Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps, in the hopes of dispatching the creature responsible for his family's massacre. He's also out to help his sister regain her humanity — but is that even possible, in such a demon-haunted world?