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Marvel's Secret Invasion Set Photos Are Extremely Revealing

Marvel's Phase 4 is currently in full swing, and — unlike the franchise's previous phases — much of this one has been defined, thus far, by a handful of exceptional TV shows on Disney+. So far, Marvel has released five series to date, including the highly popular "WandaVision," "Loki," and "What If...?," with shows like "Moon Knight," and "Ms. Marvel," as well as "She-Hulk" still on the way in 2022. Following hot on the heels of these shows, though, is the highly anticipated "Secret Invasion."

"Secret Invasion" based on the title, will be based on the comic book arc of the same name, which focused heavily on an invasion of the shape-changing Skrull Empire, first introduced to film (in a surprisingly sympathetic fashion) in "Captain Marvel." While the Skrulls we've seen thus far have been on the side of heroes, though, this new series will likely reveal that a more malevolent group of Skrull forces have secretly been invading Earth for years –- replacing humans (and possibly a few of Earth's most iconic heroes) with the help of their powers. The star of the series will be the ever-paranoid Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson), revealed in the post-credit stinger of "Spider-Man: Far From Home" to be in space, presumably preparing for this exact event.

Not much more is known about the plot, outside of that, but now, some recently released set photos give us a few hints about what the series might be about.

The series will take place (at least partially) in London

Instagram user the_insta_phils recently posted photos from two "Secret Invasion" film sets that they stumbled upon while wandering about in London. The first set seems to depict a destroyed city street with debris and wreckage strewn about beside one of London's iconic double-decker buses, as well as what looked like a candlelit vigil outside of a church. The second set, meanwhile, was much less chaotic, and it featured a small poster for a West End production of "Rogers: The Musical," the Avengers-themed Broadway show first introduced in "Hawkeye."

The set's overt references to London iconography and the iconic West End theater district confirm that "Secret Invasion" will (in some capacity) take place overseas. This is incredibly interesting, as Marvel's "Moon Knight" is also supposed to take place in modern day London, which does make one wonder if the series' titular antihero (played by Oscar Isaac) will make a cameo appearance in "Secret Invasion." 

Not only do we know that the series will take place in London, but we also know why our heroes have traveled there, thanks to a prop newspaper the user spotted and took a photo of.

The President and War Machine are in London for "emergency talks"

The newspaper reads "President Ritson in London for Emergency Talks," and features a photo of President Ritson himself (Dermot Mulroney) alongside Colonel James Rhodes (Don Cheadle), also known as War Machine. The paper's byline explains that the president is visiting the city for an "emergency summit amid unprecedented tensions," and one has to wonder if those "unprecedented tensions" have anything to do with the multitude of aliens that have silently infiltrated the planet. Indeed, the fact that Rhodes is there at all seems to imply that something major is going on.

Considering the near-apocalyptic destruction of the first "Secret Invasion" set that the user stumbled upon, it stands to reason that this visit to London will be remarkably eventful, especially considering the fact that the aforementioned set also included a mysterious alien corpse. The alien looks somewhat like a black jellyfish with a set of vicious looking tentacles, and it is unlike any alien we've seen thus far in the MCU. We don't know what the exact cause of all this destruction is, nor how the president's talks relate to said destruction, but it's clear that something major is going on in London — and that "Secret Invasion" will be just as action-packed as you'd expect from any MCU offering.