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The Small Detail About All Of The Dogs In Up You Probably Missed

"Up" is one of the most beloved Disney-Pixar films. The opening scene is enough to tug on the heartstrings no matter how many times a person has watched it. There are also a lot of interesting details present throughout the movie and, as with most Pixar films, the Easter eggs are never-ending. These elusive details can range from more stealthily-hidden objects or characters in the background to glaringly obvious references like the Pizza Planet truck from "Toy Story" that appeared in "Coco."

It can be a fun game for die-hard Disney-Pixar fans to see just how many of these hidden gems they can find — and how many they've missed. With the sheer number of details the writers and animators pack in, it is no surprise that a lot of them are not caught right away and can go unnoticed until a movie has been watched a few times. Luckily, one small, wholesome detail about all the dogs in "Up" was noticed by a sharp-eyed fan who chose to share it with the world.

I am a great tracker

Twitter user Factsonfilm pointed out this niche detail about the dog breeds that are used in "Up." All of the dogs depicted are guard dogs, with one exception: Dug (Bob Peterson) the loveable pup that Carl (Ed Asner) and Russell (Jordan Nagai) encounter along their journey. Dug is a golden retriever — a hunting dog — and thanks to this fact, he is the only one who is able to track down the tropical bird, Kevin, that his owner Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer) is on the hunt for.

The guard dogs fail at finding Kevin because of their natural instincts and the fact that they were mainly bred to protect and not find (quite literally, retrieve) things. This difference says a lot about each dog's disposition and its effect on the plot. Dug is sweet and loveable, and has a special collar that allows him to communicate with Carl and Russell like a human would, while the other dogs, mostly Dobermanns, Rottweilers, and English Bulldogs, are aggressive and determined to catch the heroes.

Small details are one of the things Pixar does best, and it is always exciting to see them come to light. In this case, Dug's pedigree quietly drives much of the story, and it lends deeper meaning to the fact that he alone was able to find Carl, Russell, and Kevin and help them along their journey.