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Is There A Post-Credits Scene In The Batman?

DCEU fans have been anticipating the release of "The Batman" with bated breath. Taking Bruce Wayne's (Robert Pattinson) familiar crime-fighting origin story and twisting it into a new and fresh tale, it also adds different layers and new life to the backstories of Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz) and The Riddler, now known by the name Edward Nashton (Paul Dano). 

Whatever you're expecting from the supersized, rollicking film, it's apparently hitting the mark with both professional observers and casual movie watchers. With a critical score that sits at over 80% on Rotten Tomatoes at press time and an enthusiastic early response from many Batfans, audiences gearing up to see the movie when it hits theaters on March 4 are preparing themselves for the action-packed delight which lies ahead. That includes preparing to sit still for just a little longer to see if the film gives them a tantalizing scene following the end credits. Fortunately, we can save you a little time and let you know if the movie runs a little longer than advertised. 

So, does "The Batman" have a post-credits scene?

A new game begins when The Batman credits end

Spoilers ahead for "The Batman" and the post-credits scene

The short answer: "The Batman" definitely has a post-credits scene. But there's more to it than that. Throughout the movie Edward Nashton, aka The Riddler, uses the internet and other trappings of modern technology to facilitate his work as a serial killer, employing webcast livestreams to "show off" his kills from his very own locale in cyberspace, El Rata Alada (Spanish for "The Winged Rat," one of many ways the hooded villain taunts Bruce Wayne). While holding Gotham in his grip, he begins sending coded messages to Bruce, and the two enter into a cat-and-mouse battle that will lead one man to his doom.

The final image of "The Batman" is a green, flashing question-mark-shaped cursor associated with The Riddler's online doings. The words "goodbye" are typed out. Then the screen flashes a URL before cutting to black. Per Tech Advisor, the URL is for the website Nashton uses on the film, rataalada.com. The interactive website, a big part of the early marketing campaign for "The Batman," allows fans to suss out clues and play "World's Greatest Detective" at their leisure. Content on the website — and the URL itself — might change before the film hits wide release, but for now, the Easter egg definitely adds a fun new shade to fans' experience of "The Batman."

"The Batman" finally arrives in theaters on Friday, March 4.