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The Creepiest Unsub In Criminal Minds Season 5

"Criminal Minds" is a long-running crime drama that has had viewers hooked from the time it aired its first episodes in 2005. The series follows a unit in the FBI known as the Behavioral Analysis Unit as they solve the most gruesome crimes and hunt down the worst serial killers based on a psychological analysis of the crime and the killer's patterns.

To do this, the agents of the BAU must dive deep into some of the most disturbing minds in the nation and try their best to understand the thought process of a killer. In some episodes, this is easier said than done, as while all killers are horrendous, some take the agents into a much darker place mentally with their eerie and disturbing ways of life.

Season 5 of "Criminal Minds" has its fair share of hard-to-watch episodes and storylines that make viewers squirm. Yet, it's these storylines that keep audiences engaged and bingeing the show even now, over 15 years after it originally started airing. However, there is one episode that has the creepiest unsub of all in "Criminal Minds" Season 5.

The BAU hunts vampires in The Performer

In "Criminal Minds" Season 5, Episode 7, "The Performer," the BAU takes a dark turn into the world of goth musicians that pretend to be vampires. Rock performer Paul, who goes by his stage name of "Dante" — played by the lead singer of the rock band Bush, Gavin Rossdale — is framed by his longtime manager Ray Campion (Eddie Jemison) for a series of murders that Ray believes will help the musician's next album sell more copies.

Murder in the name of sales and publicity is already a heinous act. Still, Ray takes it a step further by convincing a teen girl who is a huge fan of Dante's to not only assist with the murders, but to suck the blood from the victims and leave behind a mark carved into their skin, reading "The Liar" — the title of Dante's upcoming album.

As a manager, framing your client is a twisted act, and involving a teenager to make millions of devoted fans believe that vampires truly exist is just plain creepy. But, for attempting to convince the world that a goth rock star is an authentic vampire, Ray takes the cake as the creepiest unsub of "Criminal Minds" Season 5.