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Milim's Powers From That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Explained

"That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" might be a quirky title, but it also delivers on its promise. After finding himself in a strange afterlife where he has become a lowly monster known as a Slime, the protagonist renames himself Rimuru Tempest (Voiced by Miho Okazaki in Japanese and Brittney Karbowski in English), and embarks on what soon becomes a true hero's journey. 

Much like other classic anime protagonists — say, "One Piece" main character Luffy — Rimuru turns his seemingly useless power set into a true force to be reckoned with. Combined with Rimuru's likable nature and willingness to defend the people he considers close, this means the hero is fast to make friends on his journey. 

One of Rimuru's most reliable and powerful friends is Milim Nava. In some other franchise, Milim might well be the show's most dangerous villain, but here, she's one of Rimuru's greatest allies. But how strong is she, really? Let's take a look at her powers. 

Milim is one of the strongest characters around

When a character's nickame is "The Destroyer," you know that she's not one to be messed with. This is very much the case with Milim Nava, who's easily one of the strongest Demon Lords around despite her somewhat immature personality, and the fact that she looks like a pink-haired teen. Yet, as a true Demon Lord, she represents the toughest monster class out there, and it's made very clear that she's just about the most dangerous person you can encounter. Add that to the fact that she's a half-dragon Dragonoid, and can transform into a powerful, armored and winged fighting form, and Milim has very few problems in a fight ... especially since she commands a number of powerful attacks, such as the mountain-leveling Drago-Nova. Oh, and that kooky kid personality? Yeah, she can drop that at a moment's notice and get as deathly serious as her status implies.  

As for her exact powers, Milim's abilities include massive strength, a teleportation-like "Spatial Motion" skill, powerful magical abilities, and a series of superhuman sense-based abilities. However, just rattling off individual powers would be underselling her might, since she's explicitly known as one of the most powerful creatures in existence, and could likely mop the floor with Rimuru himself. To get a sense of her true powers, one of her prized possessions is a set of "dragon knuckle" gauntlets. Their power is ... to weaken her so significantly that fighting other people is even somewhat challenging to her.