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The Most Creative Horror Movie Kill According To Reddit

Horror movies have provided some pretty crazy on-screen kills and moments over the past few decades. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself which scary movie death scene was not the goriest, but the most creative?

Sure, there's been a fair share of grisly decimations and other forms of macabre endings for film characters. Year after year, horror franchises like "The Purge," "Scream," "Saw" and "Final Destination" come up with new, increasingly violent ways for people to meet their demise. But which horror flick has ultimately provided the most creative twist on killing? Whether it be at the hands of some evil force or entity, or simply an act of aggression or violence between characters? We're here to single out which cinematic death scene, at least when it comes to horror, had the most interesting twist or catch, according to Redditors. And it's not one that most people would immediately guess.

Jason X — Liquid nitrogen bath

Redditors call it one of the most underrated death scenes in Hollywood history, and when you watch the guilty pleasure known as "Jason X" all these years later, it's easy to see why. A helpless victim in outer space, getting snatched up by Jason Voorhees and then dunked head-first into a sink full of liquid nitrogen like she's bobbing for apples, and then being yanked up by Crystal Lake's favorite son and smashed into smithereens on a nearby table. According to Redditors, it's a moment of horror beauty.

"My personal favorite kill is in Jason X, when he dips a girl's head in liquid nitrogen then smashes it on a table," wrote u/UnderwaterTurtles in a "Most creative kill in horror?" discussion thread late in late 2020. This comment garnered the highest amount of upvotes. "Glad to see this as high as it is – GENIUS kill," said u/NyxxNocturna. "I am ridiculously happy that this is the top right now," added u/xstitchnrye, who added, "I came here to say exactly this as well. Jason X is severely underrated. The writers knew exactly what they were doing."

Overall on Reddit, it appears that "Jason X" — a movie that was originally bashed by critics like that poor girl's head — has grown on a lot of people. Another kill from the 2002 film, in which Jason attacks two fake girls during a simulation of Camp Crystal Lake, was also very high on the list of most creative horror kills. "The sim being bashed into a tree and she keeps talking – that s*** had me dying," wrote Redditor u/I_am_not_Amish, referring to the virtual reality scene where Jason is confronted by holograms of camp counselers, and he proceeds to replicate (and take to the next level) his infamous sleeping bag murder from "Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood."