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Noomi Rapace Plays Seven Roles In What Happened To Monday Trailer

Noomi Rapace has many, many roles to play in the new trailer for her upcoming Netflix thriller What Happened to Monday. In the film, Rapace plays seven sisters living in a future where families are limited to having just one child. When one of the sisters goes missing, the others must come together to find her.

The trailer begins by introducing Glenn Close's character, a politician who is firmly in support of the Child Allocation Bureau, which helps to combat "catastrophic overpopulation" by forcefully taking children away from their families. Close creepily promises that the Bureau is there "to make a sustainable future full of hope and possibility," but as the trailer shows, that future can only come about via violent means.

This makes things all the more difficult for the grandfather (Willem Dafoe) of the septuplets, who names them after the days of the week and tells them that they will each get to go outside on the day of the week that is their name. Together, they hold the single identity of Karen Settman, although as the trailer shows, at home, they all have distinct personalities and styles.

The plan works for many years, but Close's character eventually discovers the plot. "Seven siblings surviving to adulthood?" she says. "It would destroy my credibility." In an effort to keep her image in tact, she sets men out on the siblings, with Monday getting kidnapped. The rest of the sisters then set out on an action-filled quest to get her back. "What happens to one of you happens to you all," a voiceover says at the end of the trailer.

Tommy Wirkola (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) directs What Happened to Monday based on a script from Max Botkin (Opposite Day) and Kerry Williamson (Alex Cross). The movie is set to hit Netflix on Aug. 18; in the meantime, see some upcoming exclusive releases you didn't realize the streamer was working on.