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The Chicago Fire Star Who Has Appeared On The Most Chicago P.D. Episodes

Dick Wolf is the master of crossover series. We saw this time and time again with the television shows in the "Law & Order" universe, and he took that successful blueprint with him when creating "One Chicago." The highly successful trio of Chicago-based shows (RIP "Chicago Justice") routinely crosses characters over from one show to another, and quite frequently. This was more so the case pre-pandemic, but slowly but surely, guest spots are starting to happen more and more.

Almost every "One Chicago" veteran has appeared in at least one episode of a series outside their staple, but some have crossed over dozens of times. No one has had more crossover appearances than Jon Seda, who hailed from "Chicago P.D." but spent a reasonable amount of time on the "Chicago Fire" set. When reversing that equation, only one "Chicago Fire" star leads the pack when it comes to "Chicago P.D." appearances, and it might not be who you think.

David Eigenberg has the most Chicago P.D. appearances for a Chicago Fire star

At the time of this publication, David Eigenberg holds the "Chicago Fire" record for being the character with the most appearances on "Chicago P.D." Eigenberg has appeared as Christopher Hermann in 14 "P.D." episodes, just barely outdoing his longtime co-star Eamonn Walker who has appeared in 13. Taylor Kinney follows close behind with 11 "Chicago P.D." appearances, while Christian Stolte has 10.

Eigenberg's first-ever "P.D." appearance came in its pilot, which also featured "Fire" stars Monica Raymund, Lauren German, and Yuriy Sardarov. His last guest spot was in Season 7, Episode 4 ("Infection Part III"). This was a major crossover moment for "One Chicago," with characters from all the shows appearing throughout the epic three-hour event.

How long Eigenberg can hold onto that record remains to be seen. The "One Chicago" universe isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and there are plenty more crossover episodes in its future. Altogether, Eigenberg has 27 total crossover appearances, including three on the failed "Chicago Justice." We're likely going to see more of Hermann on "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Med" again, especially that his bar, Molly's, is a hangout for "One Chicago" characters across all series.