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Who's On Engine On Chicago Fire?

Firefighting is hard work and quite dangerous, though the characters in the popular television series "Chicago Fire" signed up for that. Currently in Season 10, "Chicago Fire" is part of the "One Chicago" franchise, and interconnects with its sister shows, "Chicago Med" and "Chicago P.D.", on occasion. Starring Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer, Eamonn Walker, Kara Killmer, David Eigenberg, and more, "Chicago Fire" consists of varied professions within the fictional Firehouse 51, like paramedics, firefighters, and rescue workers.

There are three important divisions in firefighting. These are squad, engine, and truck, and each one has a specialized role to fulfill. Squad is focused on specialized equipment for heavy and dangerous rescue, engine is the stereotypical truck that releases pressurized water, and truck is the vehicle loaded with ladders (via Chicago.gov). Now knowing the differences in jobs when it comes to firefighting, which characters on "Chicago Fire" are a part of the engine subdivision?

Engine 51 is lead by Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann

Fire Engines, or "pumpers," as they are also called, tend to hold around 500 to 750 gallons of water and are capable of pushing out around 1500 gallons per minute (via The City of Portland). In "Chicago Fire," the current engine members are Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann (Eigenberg), new recruit Darren Ritter (Daniel Kyri), and Mike Doherty and Clarence Norwood, characters played by actors of the same name who are real firefighters (via NBC Chicago).

Former members of the engine department are Lieutenant Spellman (John Hoogenakker), who is removed from service due to leaking sensitive information to a cutthroat bureaucrat, and Lieutenant George Didrikson (Torrey Hanson), who retires in the episode "Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand" in Season 7. The leadership of Engine 51 then falls to Herrmann, with Doherty acting as engineer and Norwood as a general firefighter. All of the roles in firefighting — like squad, engine, and truck — are immensely important, but the ones that show up with the water are definitely a necessary component.