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Who Voices Avocato In Final Space?

"Final Space" features lots and lots of memorable characters. One of the most impressive figures in the animated space opera's sprawling array of operators is Avocato, the gruff, Ventrexian fan-favorite character. In one way or another, the bounty hunter has his spoon in pretty much every soup the show has to offer, having worked closely with both the show's main villain Lord Commander (David Tennant) and protagonist Gary Goodspeed (series creator Olan Rogers).

The show is notorious for its high-profile vocal talent, and the main cast of the three seasons features folks like Tennant, Keith David, Claudia Black, Steven Yeun, Conan O'Brien, and Fred Armisen. Recurring characters are also frequently voiced by well-known pros like Ron Perlman, Alan Tudyk, and John DiMaggio. Does Avocato's immediately recognizable voice also belong to a major name, or is the character's voice actor a fresh talent? Let's take a look at who voices Avocato in "Final Space."

Avocato's voice actor is Coty Galloway

While "Final Space" does have its share of well-known voice actors, the series also features plenty of less well-known talent. In fact, one of the reasons Avocato is such a memorable figure in "Final Space" is arguably the fact that his classically heroic voice isn't immediately recognizable from a gazillion other high-profile projects.

Avocato's voice actor is Coty Galloway, and he's known for his work on YouTube and short films. He's appeared in projects like Corridor's "Super Heroes vs Game Heroes" short, and the award-winning crime short "Beverly." He has also written, directed, and procuded numerous short films. 

Galloway's acting roles have skewed toward live-action and short-form, and while you can't see his face in "Final Space," Avocato is quite easily his longest-running role. Apart from the Ventrexian, he also provides the voice of Viro and a Tera Con officer in the show's earlier seasons, as well as additional voices for two early episodes.