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The Best Fire Force Character According To Fans

Like so many anime series, "Fire Force" began its life as a Japanese manga of the same name. The "Fire Force" manga has been in circulation since 2015 and is still releasing new chapters to this day. This is obviously good news for fans of the anime, since for them it means that the story will continue to have fresh material to adapt for a good, long while.

Naturally, fans of the popular series have been all over the internet discussing and debating their favorite characters since the anime first dropped. Some fan favorites include Arthur (voiced by Eric Vale), the stubborn, cocky, loose-cannon member of Fire Force Company 8; Maki Oze (Sarah Roach), daughter of a general and leader of Company 8; and star of the show Shinra Kusakabe (Derick Snow). Recently, fans came together on social media to vote on their all-time favorite character in the "Fire Force" series, and you may be surprised by who claimed the title.

After thousands of votes, Shinmon Benimaru came out on top

According to a fan poll conducted on Twitter by @FireForece_8, a legitimate "Fire Force" influencer with over 4,000 followers, Benimaru (Aaron Roberts) stole fans' hearts with 352 votes (out of a total of 1,913). That's more than 18% of the total vote, which is pretty impressive given the fact that he was competing against 42 other characters in the series. For nearly 1 in 5 fans of the show, Benimaru represents the best of what this anime has to offer, and it's not hard to see why.

Benimaru started out as an orphan before a benevolent benefactor, Hibachi Shinmon, decided to adopt him and make him his heir. Shinmon was also his combat instructor, teaching him the ins and outs of Iai Hand-Sword combat and the enemy-destroying finishing move, Sun Wheel. Under Shinmon's tutelage, Benimaru becomes a master of pyrokinesis, but he still has moments where he fumbles. It's likely that his imperfections and struggle to achieve greatness are what make him so endearing to audiences.