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The Touching Downton Abbey Scene That Is A Fan Favorite

The Crawley family has had their ups and downs in the six seasons of "Downton Abbey." Created by period piece aficionado Julian Fellowes, the series depicts Robert Crawley, the seventh earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) in a dynasty of wealth, privilege, and what it takes to keep Downton Abbey running. Initially starting out as a story focused on inheritance, the story moves forward as headstrong Mary (Michelle Dockery) is pushed to be engaged to distant cousin Matthew (Dan Stevens) who is the new heir apparent to the estate. 

"Downton Abbey" had many scandals and heartbreaking moments over the years, but the series truly excels when telling stories about family, and that isn't limited to Robert's relationship with his daughter Mary and her engagement, and later marriage to Matthew. With many of these touching aspects to consider, fans agree there is one moment that is on the top of their list.

Sybil changed Gwen's life for the better

No one is likely to forget the tragic death of Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay) anytime soon, as it was one of the more devastating losses in the series. Sybil died after giving birth due to eclampsia, and with Tom (Allen Leech) raising their daughter alone, the absence of Sybil weighs heavily on the family. But "Downton Abbey" also honors her memory as well. In Season 6, former maid Gwen (Rose Leslie) returns as a married woman hoping to do good for the community. Once the Crawleys realize they used to employ her, Gwen gets to talking about Sybil in the best way possible. It was because of Sybil that Gwen was able to get a new job and leave the life of service behind. 

Fans on Reddit couldn't get enough of the scene. "She wanted to give up so many times, but Sybil wouldn't let her. Even though they were from different social classes, Sybil was determined," posted u/Old_Lavishness_3995. "People say " He (or she) changed my life, but Sybil REALLY changed Gwen's life." Sybil was the most rebellious of the sisters and never let class get in the way of what was right. 

Fans also commented on Tom's reaction to Gwen's admission. "I love the look on Tom's face when he says 'She was a lovely person.' He still misses her so much," stated u/sweeney_todd555. Sybil was the most empathetic of the sisters and the Crawleys were lucky to have Gwen remind them of her.