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John Cena Opens Up About Those Cameos In The Peacemaker Season 1 Finale

Contains spoilers for "Peacemaker" Season 1, Episode 8

Season 1, Episode 8 ("It's Cow or Never") of HBO Max's "Peacemaker" brings a stunning conclusion to the inaugural season of the first television series explicitly set within the DC Extended Universe. The first season finale features an exhilarating and humorous final battle with the Butterflies that leaves the lives of many of Task Force X's heroes hanging in the balance. Though the group is ultimately successful in its mission, Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and Vigilante (Freddie Stroma) are grievously wounded in the fight. 

As our heroes limp to the finish line, they appear mostly unmoved by the sudden arrival of four members of the Justice League. Though audiences never see the faces of Henry Cavill's Superman or Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, it is notable that "Aquaman" actor Jason Momoa and "The Flash" actor Ezra Miller legitimately appear in the flesh before Peacemaker and the rest of the Task Force X team.

In a recent interview with Fandom, "Peacemaker" actor John Cena revealed how he feels about Momoa and Miller's brief cameo appearances and talked about what the Justice League means to Peacemaker as a character.

John Cena is forever grateful to Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller

Though Peacemaker is visibly (and vocally) annoyed to see the four members of the Justice League arrive tardy to the party, the actor playing Peacemaker appears to have quite a different view of the situation. In fact, Cena praised Momoa and Miller for their fleeting jump to the small screen. 

"I'm forever grateful, because they did us a huge solid by doing that," Cena said (via Fandom). "And they were able to put themselves in the limelight and get everybody talking, but they do so in a way where the joke's not on them. And they did it for the good of our show."

Cena further called the appearance of the Justice League "incredible," referencing what he believes Peacemaker's rendezvous with the elite superhero team says about Peacemaker himself. Though Peacemaker often displays a yearning to become as grand as the various members of the Justice League, he routinely falls decidedly short of such high standards, in particular when he spreads malicious rumors about superheroes like Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

"Peacemaker is a jealous superhero," Cena told Fandom, later questioning whether the superhero label even applies to someone like Peacemaker. "He's jealous of the other superheroes because of what they have. And he wants that and he doesn't have it. So he has to bad mouth everybody... Everything he says is just indicative of how insecure he is. He wants to be where they are."

Cena also said that he thinks the Justice League's appearance in "Peacemaker" denotes a definitive shift in the DC Extended Universe. "It lets everybody know... 'These folks are now on an equal playing field, wow!' That's my takeaway from that," Cena said. "I think that was a very important moment for us."

Notably, the Justice League cameo did not feature appearances by any iteration of Batman or Cyborg. Perhaps we could see them in the recently confirmed "Peacemaker" Season 2?