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Steve-O's Biggest Jackass Regret Might Surprise You

After a lifetime of absurd stunt work, Stephen "Steve-O" Glover is still going strong. Even as the man, who is now 47, nears his fifth decade, he is still ready, willing, and able to put himself in harm's way for the entertainment and amusement of fans everywhere. And he isn't the only one. The rest of the now-middle-aged "Jackass" cast were also down to clown around when the franchise's most recent movie, "Jackass Forever," started production. Somehow, after years of bodily injuries, none of them regret being part of "Jackass."

That's not to say that they are free of regrets, however. Even Steve-O, who in many ways proved himself to be the wildest and most guilt-free member of the group, will tell you that there are some things he would have done differently. But what could a man who shamelessly catapulted himself through the air in a very full port-a-potty during "Jackass 3D" have to regret?

Steve-O feels like he could've done even more

Amazingly, Steve-O's biggest regret on "Jackass" is not performing a stunt that was especially harmful or embarrassing, but rather that he did not participate in more harmful and embarrassing stunts throughout his career. In an episode of his podcast, "Steve-O's Wild Ride!," Steve-O sat down with fellow "Jackass" star Jason "Wee-Man" Acuña.

"People ask me 'what stunt did you regret?'" Steve-O told Wee-Man. "And I have an answer that is the same answer every time, that my honest regret is that I didn't do more...there were so many times when I didn't step up, or I did but I half-assed it, and if I'd just gone all-out and dug a little deeper and got the f***ing footage, I would have been more stoked."

Steve-O can even point out a specific stunt that he thinks exemplifies this, and it turns out to be the baby alligator stunt from "Jackass 3D." In the final version, the crew has a baby alligator bite the nipple of "Jackass" co-founder Johnny Knoxville. However, the original plan was to have Steve-O do it instead. Steve-O declined, and the version filmed with Knoxville ended up on the official poster for the movie's release. Had Steve-O not chickened out, he would have been on that poster instead, and he would've received even more exposure for his work on the film than he ended up getting.