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The Most Heartbreaking Tony Moment On Gold Rush Season 12

It's not uncommon for the central miners on The Discovery Channel's "Gold Rush" to experience surprising setbacks and disappointments. The reality TV series focuses on the efforts of several gold miners as they do their best to collect the expensive treasure from various mineral-rich areas, including the Klondike region in Canada. As even the show's most casual viewers know, mining for gold isn't an occupation that always reaps the rewards those doing it hope that it will. The fact that the actual process is usually fairly costly only adds an extra layer of tension and uncertainty to the show's mining efforts every season.

Over the course of its 250+ episodes, the series has introduced viewers to an ensemble of skilled, personable gold miners, including Tony Beets. The miner has been a part of "Gold Rush" since its second season (via IMDb), and over the years, he has proven to viewers why he's considered a force to be reckoned with in the mining world.

However, despite his proven track record of success, even Beets has faced his fair share of frustrating problems throughout his time on "Gold Rush." As a matter of fact, Tony experienced one particularly heartbreaking moment early on in "Gold Rush" Season 12.

A license issue throws all of Tony's plans into disarray

In Episode 4 of "Gold Rush" Season 12, Tony Beets gets hit with an unexpected disappointment. The episode, titled "$9 Million Mistake," sees Beets excitedly preparing to receive a license he's had to wait two years to get, which will allow him to mine the Indian River. Once he gets it, Beets believes he'll be able to put together a record-breaking mining season for himself. Unfortunately, when Beets finally receives a call about his license, he learns that his application has been denied and that he must resubmit it for approval — a process that will take months to get done. It's a setback that Beets reveals will make him and his family miss out on "millions and millions and millions of ******* of dollars."

On its own, the unlucky twist of fate is undeniably heartbreaking, but Tony's dejected attitude during his subsequent conversations with his family just makes the weight of the situation unavoidably clear. Even on a show like "Gold Rush," which revolves entirely around the failures and victories of its central figures, Tony's license issue is a particularly devastating kick in the teeth, and that's why it's the miner's most heartbreaking moment in "Gold Rush" Season 12.