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The Challenge: All-Stars Season 3 Release Date, Location, And Trailer - What We Know So Far

The Paramount+ series "The Challenge: All Stars" has become a popular spin-off from MTV's "The Challenge" game show. The contest pits previous "The Challenge" competitors — all of whom originally appeared on various Paramount-produced reality shows — against one another. That results in an interesting mix of people: you might see someone from "The Real World" compete against someone from "Big Brother," for instance. Contestants are then pared down until only three are left standing, with the winner usually receiving a cash prize and a trophy.

"The Challenge: All Stars" pits previous winners from the original "The Challenge" against one another in a contest to determine who comes out on top in both physical and mental contests. As with the original "The Challenge," the contestants are eliminated, one by one, until there's just a single victor left — and they, in turn, receive the requisite prize and trophy. 

Fortunately for fans of the series, Paramount recently announced that a third season of "The Challenge: All Stars" will air in 2022. Here's what we know about it so far.

When will The Challenge: All Stars Season 3 be released?

"The Challenge: All Stars Season 3" was filmed over the fall of 2021 (per Bustle). And according to People Magazine, the new season will debut on May 11 on Paramount+ and will feature 24 competitors. There's no current word as to who will be taking part in the program, nor what they will be competing for or what challenges they will participate in. However, per Entertainment Weekly, it will feature "the most iconic, boldest and fiercest challengers" yet. EW also reports that the challenges which will take place in "All Stars Season 3" will push the participant's "physical and emotional boundaries."  

 We can confirm that at least one crew member will return to the program in their usual capacity. Via IMDb, perennial "The Challenge" host T.J. Lavin will once more act as the show's shepherd. That will definitely add a layer of familiarity to the proceedings for some fans.

Where will The Challenge: All-Stars Season 3 take place?

Per Entertainment Weekly and a teaser released by MTV on their Instagram, this season of "The Challenge: All-Stars" will take place in Panama. This marks the second time the franchise as a whole has returned to Panama, since "The Challenge: The Island" filmed on the nation's Colón Island in 2008 (per IMDb). This will be the first time that "All-Stars" itself has landed in the Central American location. Via IMDb, Season 1 took place in Andes Mountains in Argentina and Season 2 of the program filmed in Cancún, Mexico. 

This continues Paramount's pattern of picking warm, mountainous regions for "All-Stars" competitions. It's interesting to compare this location choice with multiple locations of "The Challenge." It has taken place across many different types of terrain, with seasons filming in locations as disparate as Telluride, Colorado ("The Challenge: The Gauntlet"), Somerset West, South Africa ("The Challenge: The Inferno 3") and Krabi, Thailand ("The Challenge: Invasion of Champions").

The Challenge: All-Stars Season 3 trailer leaves much to the imagination

We don't yet have a full trailer for the third season of "The Challenge: All-Stars" at press time, and no footage of the season that has been made public. Perhaps that's because Paramount+ hasn't announced the show's cast yet and the network likely want to keep the participants' names under wraps. What we do have is a brief teaser clip, though, which was made public on the show's Instagram on January 20 and is posted above. 

The small teaser features Lavin, and it confirms EW's report that this season will take place in Panama. In it, Lavin promises no punches will be pulled this season as he turns to the camera and says, "Oh, you thought that was good? Wait 'till you see what I have in store for them next." 

Indeed, "The Challenge" fans will likely have their socks knocked off by whatever the program has in waiting, but they'll have to wait until the spring to find out how and by who.