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The Final Space Scene That Went Too Far

"Final Space" is a show that catches you by surprise. On the surface, its YouTube origins, simplistic animation style and space setting might suggest a goofy comedy, but it soon becomes apparent that the show is a very different beast. While it has plenty of jokes, "Final Space" is ultimately a full-on space opera with a massive scale and plot twists to share. Olan Rogers' show is a vast story, told with the help of one of the most accomplished voice casts around. Yes, that's really David Tennant. Yep, you heard Ron Perlman and Alan Tudyk. Why, of course there's John DiMaggio, and Conan O'Brien, and Gina Torres, and Steven Yeun, and many, many more. 

In other words, if you haven't kept up with the animated series, its three seasons might just be some of the best sci-fi you're still not watching. However, if you decide to dive in, know that you're in for a tale that doesn't exactly pull its punches — and, as a result, the show contains scenes that arguably go too far. Let's take a look at a particularly strong contender on this front.

Fans took Avocato's death hard

One of the most memorable characters in "Final Space" is Avocato (voiced by Coty Galloway), the cat-like — but decidedly not a cat, he's quick to tell you — bad guy-turned-bounty hunter. The shady, but brave and combat-ready Avocato teams up with Gary (Olan Rogers) for reasons of his own, and seems destined to become a cool, rogue character who receives plenty of focus. That's exactly what happens, too ... until Episode 6, when Avocato abruptly dies in an explosion while saving the team from a bomb strapped on Little Cato (Steven Yeun).  

The scene is powerful, dramatic, and takes care to show the surviving characters in open despair. As a result, fans have pointed out that the scene is very hard to watch. "Avocato's death on final space hit me way harder than it should have," @OwenTowner tweeted after seeing the episode. "Was rewatching Season 1 of Final Space and Avocato's death still gets me," user @thespooooder tweeted

Of course, the show's timeline gets awfully convoluted as the plot progresses, and various time-traveling shenanigans mean this isn't the last time viewers see Avocato. However, there's no way to know this when you first see the episode, and fans have been clear that the scene is crushing. However, "Final Space" discussion on Reddit has noted that while the scene is very impactful, it hits different people differently, to the point that it might even come across as a shock value moment. "First time watching episode 6 I was very impressed with the emotional death of Avocato," a redditor wrote. "However upon rewatching it I felt it was very out of place. Instead of being genuinely emotionally affected by the characters death I was just shocked they would kill off a main character."