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Deputy X - What We Know So Far

Science fiction fans watch out, because a movie is on the horizon with the potential to bring something new to the genre. Headed by Glen Powell and "Fast & Furious" writer Chris Morgan, "Deputy X" stands to be Universal's next attempt at a fresh science fiction property. The only problem is that Universal is keeping a very tight lid on the situation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Deputy X" is still in the infantile stages of production, and many aspects of the project must still be ironed out before Universal truly gives fans a glimpse of it all. Nevertheless, what is known shows potential for the film to be a solid sci-fi cinema experience. With that in mind, it seems worth it to go over everything we do know about this upcoming film. 

So without further ado, here is what we know so far about the release date, cast, and plot of "Deputy X."

Is there a release date for Deputy X?

At the current moment, Universal Pictures has not announced a specific release date for "Deputy X," likely because the film is still in the very early stages of pre-production. As a result, it is difficult (if not impossible) to give an accurate estimate of when the film might hit theaters. Based on the rate at which films are typically made, moviegoers can expect to see "Deputy X" get released within the next two to three years (via Stephen Follows).

That being said, exceptions to this rule do occur, which can be good or bad depending on whether that means the film takes less or more time than the average. As this will be a film in the sci-fi genre, it might require more time for post-production special effects. Regardless of how long the film takes to be released, however, interested viewers can expect more news on the film to pop up over the next year or so. Basically, the more important question is not necessarily when the film will come out, but when we will learn more about it as it comes closer to being complete.

Who is in the cast of Deputy X?

So far, Universal has given very little information in regards to the cast of "Deputy X." Given how early it still is in the movie's development, and the fact that the script is nowhere near completed yet, the real casting process likely hasn't started. However, The Hollywood Reporter announced one cast member that Universal has confirmed is set to appear in "Deputy X." This person is, of course, the co-creator and co-producer of the film, Glen Powell, who is set to play the film's protagonist.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Powell's projected role in "Deputy X," though it could be related to thee movie title. However, the actor is well-known for his past roles in films like "Set it Up" and "Hidden Figures." He is also set to appear in the upcoming sequel to the "Top Gun" series, "Top Gun: Maverick," and the upcoming Korean War drama "Devotion." Powell also has some experience as a writer and producer, working on the short film "J.A.W.", but he's mainly spent his career in front of the camera (via IMDb).

Do we know the plot of Deputy X?

As with most things surrounding "Deputy X," Universal Pictures is keeping the plot of the upcoming film tightly under wraps. This is, of course, partially the case because the script — written by Jack Paglen, whose previous credits include "Transcendence" and "Alien: Covenant" — is still unfinished. As we have mentioned, it is still incredibly early in the film's development process, so it would be unwise for Universal to give specific information while it is still subject to change.

That being said, the studio isn't keeping moviegoers completely in the dark. THR reported that the film, which is set to be a science fiction action-thriller and "high-concept franchise starter," will have a similar tone to films like "The Running Man," starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and 1976's "Logan's Run." If so, that would make "Deputy X" the latest in dystopian sci-fi, though how it chooses to present its take on a dystopia is still a secret. With how little information we currently have about "Deputy X," moviegoers will have to remain satisfied with this until Universal decides to reveal more on the matter.