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The Doctor Who Doctor You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The central hero of the long-running science fiction series "Doctor Who" is an alien named The Doctor. Their biological makeup gives them the ability to rewrite their entire genetic code when close to death, resulting in a brand new person with all of their memories, most of their quirks, and the potential for adventures for the rest of time. This ability, known as regeneration, has allowed several actors to assume the role and make it their own over the course of nearly six decades.

While the Doctor is always the same at their core, each incarnation develops their own unique variation on this hero of time. Sometimes the Doctor is old and cranky; other times they may be young and unhinged. The personality of an incarnation is usually decided on the actor cast to play the part and the creative team behind the scenes. The show's ability to reinvent itself every couple of years has allowed it to stay relevant for all these years. Take a look at the different mainline Doctors and see which one best represents you based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: The 10th Doctor

The internet has been buzzing with rumors that David Tennant will be returning to the role of The Doctor, per Den of Geek. He portrayed the 10th incarnation of the Time Lord and is still a fan favorite. It isn't hard to see why. This Doctor brings back the character's eccentric fashion sense, introduces some romance into the character's life, and is often very funny. He can also be a bit of a showboat. 

This Doctor never hesitates from doing the impossible and letting the people around him know just how clever he was for doing it. It's believed that someone born under the sign of Aries thrives in competition and likes being number one, via Allure. This is certainly true of the 10th Doctor when he realizes the rules of time are his to command, and he becomes the Time Lord Victorious — the Doctor's all-powerful alter ego first appearing in "The Waters of Mars," as explored by Screen Rant, deciding who is important enough to live and who deserves to die. It's a dark turn for the character towards the end of his life but absolutely suits his ambitious progression, proving that he is the best example of an Aries.

Taurus: The 3rd Doctor

By the time Jon Pertwee had arrived as the third incarnation of the Doctor, the character had already been depicted as a scary grandfather with hearts of gold and a nomad capable of fooling his enemies into underestimating him. This time, it was decided to make the character more of a man of action, a heroic figure that children can look up to and admire.

Given Pertwee's age — he was 51 when he started playing the part, via IMDb — and the frilly costumes, it might be hard to imagine him being a time-traveling James Bond, but that's exactly what he was. Even the official trailer for "Doctor Who's" Season 10 Blu-Ray release leaned into his Bondian elements. No, he didn't sleep around with women or commit regular acts of cold-blooded murder, but he didn't back down from a fight, loved his gadgets, and had an admiration for life's little luxuries. Like a typical Taurus, as described by Allure, the 3rd Doctor knew how to treat himself. His wardrobe was stellar, he had a taste for good wine, he was proud of his cool rides, and he wanted everything done his way as a Taurus is known to prefer. 

Gemini: The 11th Doctor

Following the incredibly popular 10th Doctor was going to be difficult regardless of who was chosen to do so. Luckily, writer Steven Moffat was up to the challenge and cast the relatively unknown young actor Matt Smith to bring life to the 11th incarnation of the Time Lord. The 11th Doctor is an enthusiastic, zany character who is always fascinated by something and willing to do whatever he needs to protect as many individuals as possible.

Allure says that a Gemini is who you want to turn to when you need to get something done. They're constantly engaged in an activity and like to see it through to the end, just like the 11th Doctor. Sure, he may look like a young, inexperienced man without a clue what he's doing, but deep down he is a complete genius, solving several problems at once and trying to be several steps ahead of everyone else in the room. You may question his methods, but this Doctor will have your back every time.

Cancer: The 6th Doctor

When diving into the back catalog of "Doctor Who" adventures, a newcomer would probably be hesitant to approach the 6th Doctor's era. With only two seasons to his name, Colin Baker had one of the shortest turns in the TARDIS, and the show's underwhelming production values paired with his outlandish costume could be massive red flags to anyone trying to learn more about the history of the show. However, as discussed in this UK Gold short retrospective of the show during its 40th anniversary, Colin's vision for the character and the direction the show was going in did not coalesce. 

Still, his broody performance is distinctive enough for us to designate his zodiac sign to be that of Cancer. According to Allure, part of what makes a Cancer is their depth. Again, looking at the 6th Doctor, one might quickly dismiss him as a tasteless clown, but there is much more to him than meets the eye. This is a Doctor who had such a traumatic regeneration that he tries to strangle his companion who he thinks is an evil alien spy, an instinctive self-preservation that lines up with the zodiac's crab. As his time continues, the 6th Doctor asserts himself as the man in charge, pulling from his many centuries' worth of knowledge and experience to position himself as the flawed hero who isn't afraid to take on his own people to defend what he believes is right. It's a compassionate protectiveness well-suited to the sign of Cancer.

Leo: The 7th Doctor

The 7th Doctor's era should be more approachable to fans raised on the modern series. His time on the show really laid the groundwork for what we would get when the series returned in 2005. His main companion Ace is similar to Rose in a lot of ways, and the pace of his stories is much quicker than in many previous seasons. While his incarnation started off as a clownish, silly character, he evolved into something much darker and more manipulative. 

With references to the early days of Gallifrey, and the Doctor hinting at his involvement in those times, his tenure could be seen as where the Timeless Child idea really began brewing, according to WhatCulture. It's his willingness to embrace his heritage and become time's champion that makes him a Leo. This sign is not afraid to bask in their own greatness. This Doctor is the chess master, the dark horse no one expects to roll in and save the day while devastating his enemies. Although this line from the classic story "Remembrance of the Daleks" was originally omitted from broadcast, it serves as the best example of what makes this Doctor different. He says it himself when Davros tries to insult him by saying he is just a Time Lord. "Oh, Davros," the Doctor says. "I am far more than just another Time Lord." Quite the Leo.

Virgo: The 9th Doctor

When "Doctor Who" came back in 2005, it had been 16 years since the series was originally canceled in 1989, explained by CBR. The time period between the broadcast of Sylvester McCoy's final serial "Survival" and the broadcast of "Rose" in 2005 is referred to as the wilderness years by We Are Cult. During that time, "Doctor Who" had been relegated to books, magazines, audio dramas, and a 1996 TV movie (via IMDb). With it being gone for so long, the team behind the show had to be very careful in how they brought it back.

Instead of trying a "Doctor Who" pastiche or spoof, the decision was made to make a rollicking drama with a Doctor who was still quirky but a bit more grounded. He doesn't wear fancy clothes, and he isn't prone to wasting time. We may have only had Christopher Eccleston for one season, but he makes an impact. This is a Doctor who is all about getting things done efficiently. That's why he's a pretty good example of what makes a Virgo, as Allure describes them to be practical and systemic in their pursuits, much like this Doctor.

Libra: The 5th Doctor

After seven years of Tom Baker owning the role of the Doctor (one of, if not, the longest-serving Doctors, according to RadioTimes), the producers went in an entirely different direction. Instead of an older man with a long scarf, wild hair, and a wide grin, a younger, more subdued actor was hired. The approach to this Doctor was to be more fallible and vulnerable. This wasn't a Doctor who would declare how great he is or even win every fight. He was a good man fighting to his last to do what was right.

That commitment to justice and to stopping harm, even when the odds are terrible and defeat is likely, is what makes him a Libra. This sign is known for their sense of justice and harmony, via Allure. Although he wasn't as overtly heroic as Jon Pertwee or grandiose in his opinion of himself like William Hartnell, the 5th Doctor, played by Peter Davison, fought for his friends and was willing to sacrifice himself when the need arose.

Scorpio: The 2nd Doctor

William Hartnell was the first actor to play the role of the Doctor. The concept of regeneration had never been mentioned in the show, so there was never any thought as to who the next Doctor would be because there was only ever one Doctor. When the time came to replace Hartnell, a new actor was sought to take on and reinvent the role.

Patrick Troughton didn't try to play the first Doctor — he played his Doctor. Instead of a stubborn old man with little patience for beings of a lesser intelligence, Troughton's 2nd Doctor is a jovial, sometimes absent-minded genius and "Cosmic Hobo" (as the fans like to call him) who uses his ability to appear as a buffoon to fool his enemies. His tendency to mislead people in order to strike when they least expect it is very similar to the way a Scorpio is often viewed. Allure notes that they are considered misunderstood and a little difficult to understand, much like Troughton's Doctor.

Sagittarius: The 13th Doctor

Aside from spinoff media, the 13th Doctor is the first female incarnation of the Doctor in the show, played by Jodie Whittaker. Within the show's canon, a Time Lord can change their gender upon regeneration. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to cast a woman in the role previously filled by men. We later meet another female form of the Doctor that was erased from her memory, but this 13th form is the very first that the audience encounters.

Like her previous incarnations, the 13th Doctor is ravenous in her curiosity. She meets new challenges with a smile, anxious to learn something new. She is intensely loyal to her friends, always willing to help out a stranger, and deeply secretive. It's her enthusiasm and commitment to new experiences that make her a Sagittarius, as they are described as constantly searching for new horizons. In one of the show's most bizarre and wonderful moments, this Doctor is so in awe of an anthropomorphized frog without a home that she doesn't laugh or scoff; she calls it "the maddest, most beautiful thing" she has ever experienced and promises to be its friend.

Capricorn: The 1st Doctor

It takes some time for the first incarnation of the Doctor to resemble the character fans would come to know. When he is first introduced in "An Unearthly Child," he is a mysterious, intimidating old man in a junkyard. When his fascinating background is revealed, it only serves to increase the slight sense of menace shrouding this Doctor. A little while later, he is about to smash a caveman's skull but is stopped by his companion Ian Chesterton.

He may have started off as a difficult man, but through his many adventures, we see his softer side. By the end of this Doctor's era, Hartnell had crafted such a complex character that the door was wide open to take the Doctor in a limitless number of directions. One element of his incarnation that stayed fairly consistent in his successor, however, is his lack of interest in showing off. While some later Doctors enjoy parading around their genius, the first Doctor is more fixated on whatever task is in front of him. That's not to say he doesn't rub his brilliance in others' faces from time to time, but it isn't a defining characteristic. His penchant for keeping to himself and staying focused is what makes him a Capricorn, a sign Allure says is usually thorough in their pursuits.

Aquarius: The 4th Doctor

There's no way around it. If you've heard of "Doctor Who," then you've heard of Tom Baker — that hat, that scarf, that big smile. The 4th Doctor joined the show following Jon Pertwee and became synonymous with it over his seven years in the TARDIS. Even though three excellent actors had inhabited the role before him, Tom Baker managed to play an entirely new and epic incarnation of the Time Lord.

This Doctor has a booming voice, deadly wit, a barrage of character quirks, and the ability to command every situation without even trying. He likes to shake up the status quo, take down power-hungry dictators, and delight in his own interests. He is a hero without needing to constantly resort to violence, he can intimidate without threatening, and he is capable of charming and infuriating those around him all at the same time. It's his many facets that make him an Aquarius, a sign shared by people who may be unconventional but want to help people as often as possible.

Pisces: The 8th Doctor

The reason Paul McGann's 8th Doctor is on this list, while someone like Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor is not (as wonderful as he is), is because of his use of psychic energy and how that relates to the sign of Pisces. Individuals born under the sign of Pisces are thought to be psychic by Allure. While we've seen the Doctor make mental contact with their other incarnations, and the 9th Doctor introduced us to psychic paper, the 8th Doctor can seemingly tap into a stranger's timeline and see both where they've been and where they're going.

It isn't completely clear on screen, but there are several instances in the 1996 TV movie of the Doctor looking at someone and suddenly knowing things about them. For instance, his companion for the film Dr. Grace Hollow fails to save his life after he suffered multiple gunshot wounds, triggering his regeneration. Upon meeting her in his new form, he understands her on an eerily deep level, stating she's "tired of life but afraid of dying." Later, he meets a stranger at a party and warns them of which question to answer on a test in their future. McGann's Doctor ultimately shows an empathy and clairvoyance that matches up well with the winter water sign.