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Monica's Most Heartbreaking Moment In Yellowstone Season 2

Paramount's epic modern western has put audiences through many traumatic events in its four seasons. The Dutton family has constantly had to protect their ranch from multiple villains, often with catastrophic results. For example, Beth (Kelly Reilly) has been injured on more than one occasion while the family slides further into violence. There have been many sad moments on "Yellowstone," too, but no character has been through more than Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille). Married to John Dutton's (Kevin Costner) son Kayce (Luke Grimes), Monica is consistently pulled into the family business — whether she wants to be involved or not.

Her son Tate (Brecken Merrill) may be the eventual heir to the Dutton dynasty, but Monica has concerns about that. She fears Kayce is turning into his father due to Tate's proximity to the brutal lifestyle of the Duttons. Though fans consider Monica to be underutilized, she has had some heartbreaking moments in the span of the show. In Season 2, the character went through one of her hardest trials.

Monica breaks down trying to find Tate

Monica's eternal struggle is trying to protect her family. Her life with Kayce and Tate is what is most important to her, but she will do anything she can to keep Tate safe. She distances herself and Tate from the Duttons because she doesn't want him near John Dutton and his practices. This all comes to a head when Tate is taken by the Duttons' rivals, the Becks. The Becks mean business, and there are no lengths they will not go to. "Malcolm Beck was behind the brutal attack on Beth. That is a sign they have no limits to what they are capable of, including when it comes to Tate," Britt Lawrence wrote for Cinemablend.

At first unclear about what has happened, Monica and Kayce soon realize the high stakes when they find Tate's boot during their search. Monica falls to the ground in a heartbreaking scream, realizing that Tate is gone. Not only is a mother potentially losing her child bleak subject matter, but it is especially upsetting after everything Monica has been through. She has suffered a traumatic brain injury and was separated from her husband, all in the name of keeping Tate away from the Duttons. She never wanted him to be involved with the violence. Now because of John Dutton, she has to face the fact that her child is missing and could be severely hurt. All of her worst fears come to fruition when Tate is kidnapped.