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Ben Stiller Has A Midlife Crisis In Brad's Status Trailer

Ben Stiller is still trying to figure out who he is in the new trailer for Brad's Status. In the film, Stiller stars as Brad Sloan, a man who begins to reassess his own life choices as he takes his son Troy (Austin Abrams) out on college tours.

The trailer begins with Brad coming to the realization that his son now has a man's body, something which triggers his thoughts about how grown-up he is getting. This is pushed even further when the two go to Boston, where Brad went to school, for Troy's interview at Harvard. "At night, my mind drifted back to college," Brad says in a voiceover. "So many friends had become successful."

From there, Brad begins to explain the "status" of his old friends from college, with Craig (Michael Sheen) holding a powerful job at the White House, Jason (Luke Wilson) owning his own hedge fund, and Billy (Jemaine Clement) retired after selling his tech company at 40. "What do I have?" Brad questions. "I work for a non-profit. I have nothing to show for it."

Brad begins to become worried about his son turning out like him, warning him not to put too much pressure on himself when it comes to getting into very competitive schools. However, Troy is a musical prodigy whose counselor says he has should get in wherever he wants, leading Brad to realize that he has a good chance at getting into Harvard. 

Brad still struggles, though, with thoughts of where his life has ended up. "Sometimes I worry that people think of me as a failure," he says. Troy, though, reassures him, especially after meeting his former college friends and realizing that they aren't all that they are cracked up to be. "Everybody's just thinking about themselves," Troy says. "The only person that's thinking about you is me." 

Jenna Fischer also stars in Brad's Status, which is written and directed by Mike White (School of Rock). The movie, which comes from Amazon Studios, will hit theaters on Sept. 15; for now, see some of the other movies that will blow you away in the coming months.