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Eternals' Kit Harington Opens Up About His Future In The MCU

The 2021 film "Eternals" was a vastly different experience than Marvel fans were prepared for at the time of its release. Directed by Academy Award winner Chloé Zhao, the Phase 4 movie features beautiful cinematography, intriguing flashbacks through the Eternals' lives at various moments in time, the introduction of new Celestials, and more than one romantic entanglement.

"Eternals" stars Gemma Chan as Sersi, one in a group of 10 immortal beings sent to Earth in order to protect humanity from monsters known as Deviants. This is their only mission, and they are unable to interfere in any human-specific conflict unless Deviants are involved. Audiences learn it has been years since the last Deviant was defeated, so the emergence of new creatures confuses Sersi and the rest of the Eternals, setting them on a mission that will change their world and their bond with one another forever. 

In the first act of the film, while Sersi cools her heels with Sprite (Lia McHugh) in London, she embarks on a relationship with a man named Dane Whitman (Kit Harington). The two bond over history, and Dane discovers that his family lineage is not like other families. Dane is known in the comics as Black Knight, a knight who wields the Ebony Blade, a sword made out of a meteorite. Dane barely gets his hands on the ancestral sword in "Eternals," and it is certainly implied that there is more of the character to come.

Kit Harington is still unsure about his future as Black Knight

Unfortunately for Marvel fans, Kit Harington is as in the dark about Dane Whitman's MCU future as everyone else. The second of two "Eternals" post-credit scenes shows Dane Whitman discovering the powerful connection to the Ebony Blade, but nothing beyond this moment is established where the Black Knight is concerned. During a February 10 interview on "The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show," Harington admitted that he too would like to know the character's future.

"The last film, as anyone who all have seen, it kind of sets an idea up that I might go further, so I'm hoping," the "Eternals" actor stated. "But I think whenever you're answering questions about these things, people point at you and say 'liar' as if you know more than other people, I have no idea. I genuinely don't. I'm waiting for a call on it at some point." 

The post-credit scene in question sets up more than one character's official introduction into MCU Phase 4. Mahershala Ali makes a voiceover cameo with one line of dialogue as the day-walking vampire Blade, a character he will be portraying in his own Marvel movie. With all of these hints of future films up in the air, actors and fans are just waiting on confirmation from Marvel to see if and when their favorites will appear.