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Dan Aykroyd Shares A Touching Tribute For Ghostbusters Director Ivan Reitman

The film industry lost a titan on February 12 when director Ivan Reitman passed away. He spearheaded some of the most iconic comedies of the 1980s, including "Stripes," "Ghostbusters," and "Ghostbusters II," and he served as a producer for the likes of "Animal House" and "Space Jam." He's also a founder of the Montecito Picture Company, and his son, Jason Reitman, followed in the family footsteps and became a director in his own right, most recently helming "Ghostbusters: Afterlife."

He changed the entertainment field for the better, and his works have influenced the lives of millions. The world's a less funny place without him in it, and it should come as no surprise that his peers have poured forward to offer their condolences. Now, one of the people who knew Reitman better than most, Dan Aykroyd, has come forward to issue a statement on the passing of the irreplaceable filmmaker.

Dan Aykroyd feels 'heartbreak' over the loss of Ivan Reitman

Dan Aykroyd tweeted the following statement regarding the passing of Ivan Reitman: "Feeling heartbreak today for Geneviève, Catherine, Caroline, Jason and family. The loss of my friend, collaborator, champion and one of the last great creative talents of the BIG SCREEN ERA crumples me. Now on Thursdays who am I gonna call?" Aykroyd and Reitman worked on numerous projects over the years, including the first two "Ghostbusters" movies and 2001's "Evolution." Aykroyd also co-wrote the screenplay for "Ghostbusters" with Harold Ramis.

Aykroyd isn't the only original Ghostbuster offering his condolences. On February 13, Ernie Hudson, who's played Winston Zeddemore throughout the "Ghostbusters" franchise, tweeted, "I am deeply saddened by the loss of [Ivan] Reitman. Truly a great man and filmmaker who I had honor and privilege of knowing and working with. Deepest condolences to Jason and the entire family. May he RIP."

It's just one of many tributes that have come out since his death. As Deadline reported, Paul Feig, Carrie Coon, and Grace McKenna were also among those who took to social media to share photos and words of praise. It's clear Reitman touched the lives of many, and he'll be sorely missed by so many.