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My Friend Dahmer Trailer Looks At The Makings Of A Killer

The makings of a serial killer are unveiled in the first teaser trailer for My Friend Dahmer. The film stars former Disney actor Ross Lynch as the teenage version of Jeffrey Dahmer, who would later become one of the country's most notorious serial killers after murdering at least 17 people. The film is based off the nonfiction graphic novel from Derf Backderf, who will be played by Alex Wolff in the film.

The trailer begins with Dahmer at school, standing ominously in the building's entryway. It then quickly goes through a few of the normal things that he does each day, including taking the bus, watching television, and working out. However, as it shows, Dahmer seems to take no joy in any of these things, going through all of them with an expressionless face.

Part of this may be due to troubles at home, with his parents clearly not getting along. Something will push him to go see a doctor, and while the ultimate conclusion is that he seems healthy enough, Dahmer inquires about his mental state. "What about what's on a patient's mind?" he asks.

Dahmer's classmates know that something is off with him, although they also think that his strange antics are hilarious. Dahmer shows off his strange tendencies in a number of ways, having outbursts in the hallways and collecting roadkill in his basement. "I like bones," he says. "They interest me, what's inside." 

Dahmer's parents, and particularly his father (Dallas Roberts), are concerned about his odd behavior. "I see things in you that I don't like about myself," his father says. "I want you to have friends in ways that I never could. Get out of your shell. You need to be more normal."

Anne Heche and Vincent Kartheiser also star in My Friend Dahmer, which was written and directed by Marc Meyers (How He Fell In Love). The film doesn't have an official release date yet, although it is expected to open at some point this fall. While we wait, see how Jeremy Renner, who played the title character in 2002's Dahmer, and other actors who played famous killers compared to their real-life counterparts