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This Is The Worst Thing Grace From Grace And Frankie Has Done

Even though "Grace and Frankie" is finally at the end of its run, the two gal pals have been entertaining viewers since 2015 for seven seasons. For years, audiences have enjoyed the story of Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin), who never got along in their past lives, but become best friends after their husbands reveal that they have been having an affair with each other.

Over the course of the show, the unlikely duo has had many ups and downs, and they find themselves in a number of different situations. The two are polar opposites, which only adds to the chaos — with Grace being somewhat uptight and enjoying the finer things in life, while the more spiritual and relaxed Frankie is all about just going with the flow. Despite their differences, the two rely on each other, and harvest a tight bond as the series progresses. 

However, as with most friendships, Grace and Frankie have had their fair share of petty fights and big blowouts. This particularly happened earlier in the series: Grace took some time to warm up to Frankie, and along the way did some regrettable things to her partner-in-crime, with one particular moment taking the crown.

When Grace ditched Frankie at a funeral

There are a number of questionable things that Grace has done — nobody is perfect. She once told Robert (Martin Sheen), "It would have been easier if you died," for instance, after finding out about the affair. There was also the time Grace turned down their only offer on "Shark Tank" because her husband told her not to take an offer from Mark Cuban, a choice which damaged her relationship with Frankie. Let's also not forget the time we discovered she judged her own daughter for having a second child. Regardless of those acts, Grace's worst moment has to be the poor way she treated Frankie at a funeral in Season 1. 

This occurs shortly after Grace and Frankie learn of the affair of their husbands: a mutual friend passes away, and they all attend the funeral together. The two of them are dreading the event, as they will be seeing their now ex-husbands for the first time since the announcement — and this is the first social engagement the two men will be attending as an out and proud couple. While at the funeral, Grace does everything in her power to ditch and avoid Frankie. This backfires, as Frankie eventually notices Grace trying to hide from her, then overhears her tell a friend that, following the divorce, "All I get is stuck with Frankie!"

This comment, rather reasonably, hurts Frankie's feelings, especially since she has been treating Grace so kindly since discovering the affair. It also shows a complete lack of empathy from Grace, not only for her friend, but also as the only person who truly understands what she is going through. Grace has grown as a character since then, but this was definitely not a cute moment on her part.