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Black Clover Filler Episodes You Should Always Skip

There's never been a better time to get into "Black Clover." The popular fantasy shonen anime produced by the studio Pierrot is, at least on paper, completed for the time being. Though Yuki Tabata's original manga is still technically ongoing, the anime aired what appears to be its final episode in March (via IMDb). If you're wondering why that characterization might not seem so final, it's because many expect to see more of "Black Clover" someday. The anime only ended because it caught up with the manga, and some fans theorize that the series is instead taking an extended break to give Tabata time to continue the story (via Comicbook.com). Furthermore, the series also has a movie on the way, indicating that Pierrot isn't quite finished with this tale.

If these rumors are true, then the hiatus is actually good news for "Black Clover" fans and newcomers alike. Not only is it a great opportunity to dive in without falling further behind with every new episode, but it also avoids the one thing you should (almost) always skip when watching an anime: filler. Non-canon filler episodes have been a nuisance for anime fans for decades, so much so that many prefer it when a series like "Attack on Titan" takes a long hiatus to give the manga some breathing room.

Nothing is worse than having to either skip or trudge through dozens of episodes that add nothing to a series overall. Luckily for those looking to watch "Black Clover," that's not a huge problem.

Black Clover keeps it nice and concise with minimal filler

Like all shonen anime, "Black Clover" revels in its fast-paced action. The story focuses on a mortal boy named Asta who, after obtaining an anti-magic grimoire, endeavors to become the next Wizard King. It is a series filled with exciting fights and risky encounters, and one that would especially be ruined by needless filler. This may be why Pierrot has kept it to a minimum. According to Anime Filler List, only 10% of the series' 170 episodes are non-canon. In other words, newcomers only need to skip 17 episodes to get the most of the series. Compared to shows like "Naruto Shippuden," which is over 40% filler (via Anime Filler List), that is practically nothing.

In total, those wishing to enjoy "Black Clover" without any filler should skip episodes 29, 66, 68, 82, 123-125, 131, 134 through 135, and 142 through 148. Technically, there are other episodes that are non-canon to the manga or contain a mixture of canon and non-canon content. However, these are still generally viewed as important enough to the experience to be worth watching. With that being said, you have everything you need to enjoy "Black Clover" with impunity.