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Who Are The Athletes In The NFL's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial?

The 2022 Super Bowl may not be until Sunday night, but football fans are already starting to be shown glimpses at some of the surprises they can look forward to seeing during the game. In addition to declaring the season's football champions, the annual broadcasting event is notable for airing the year's biggest and most provocative ads. Indeed, for many viewers, tuning into the Super Bowl isn't just about sitting down to see which of the game's two teams beats the other, but also about getting to watch the commercials that air throughout the broadcast's various ad breaks.

Given how popular of a discussion topic the game's commercials end up being every year, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that a lot of time is dedicated nowadays to teasing and hyping up the Super Bowl's ads in the weeks and days leading up to its long-awaited broadcast. Companies like BMW aren't the only ones who have decided to tease their commercials for the 2022 Super Bowl either.

As a matter of fact, the NFL is adopting the same strategy this year and has released a teaser for its star-studded 2022 Super Bowl ad, which features three faces that football fans everywhere will likely recognize.

Michael Strahan, Peyton Manning, and DK Metcalf appear in the NFL's Super Bowl 2022 ad

In anticipation of the game's upcoming Sunday night broadcast, the NFL has released a 15-second teaser for its official 2022 Super Bowl commercial. The teaser in question, which is titled "Player Casting Tape," features brief appearances from three high-profile football stars, though, the NFL also hints in the video's YouTube description that the full commercial may end up featuring more than just three athletes. That said, fans may still be asking: Who are the football players featured in the commercial's teaser?

The first athlete shown in the teaser is former New York Giants defensive end, Michael Strahan (via NFL). Former Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning, appears after Strahan, while current Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, DK Metcalf, is the third and final athlete featured in the teaser. The 15-second clip sees the three athletes "auditioning" for an NFL Super Bowl commercial titled "Bring the House Down," and they are shown reading lines and phrases while looking at the camera. The teaser ends with a title card that tells viewers to "Get ready to bring the house down right before halftime."

Fans will, of course, have to wait until the actual Super Bowl broadcast to see the full scope of the NFL's commercial for the game this year. However, based solely on the collective star power of the teaser's three participants, it seems safe to say that the full commercial may, indeed, end up being just as epic as the NFL promises it will be.