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Stop-Motion SpongeBob Halloween Special Gets A Trailer

The legend of Boo-Kini Bottom will be unveiled in Spongebob SquarePant's upcoming stop-motion Halloween special. The first trailer for the spooky special was released at San Diego Comic-Con, showing SpongeBob and all of his friends getting into the holiday spirit.

The trailer begins with Spongebob, clad in a Daisy costume, wheeling Patrick, dressed as a very sleepy knight, out onto the streets of Bikini Bottom. "Who would have thought I would be laughing myself silly tonight?" SpongeBob says, as stop-motion "ha's" pop out of his mouth.

SpongeBob's mood is quickly interrupted by the appearance of the Flying Dutchman, who asks how he dares to laugh on Halloween. "I guess so," SpongeBob replies, laughing again. "What's the matter with you?" the Dutchman asks. "Aren't you afraid of scary things?"

SpongeBob says that he was afraid, until he realized that scary things are actually funny things. This irks the Flying Dutchman, who tries to spook the sponge, to no avail. "I don't get it, how could anyone confuse scary with funny?" he asks. He quickly begins to see how when he looks over at the Chum Bucket, which is decorated with cutesy Halloween goodies like a skeleton saying "Bone Appetit."

"Why sorry kid," the Flying Dutchman says. "I had no idea how fright-deprived you were. Not to worry, you're in bad hands!" He then flies off, presumably to find some much scarier storylines for SpongeBob to pursue. 

According to Nerdist, it took quite a lot to bring the world of Bikini Bottom to life in stop-motion. Nickelodeon says they had to make 27 sets on five stages, using 15 boxes of cereal for Bikini Bottom's coral reefs, as well as eight pounds of glitter for SpongeBob's Halloween-decorated house, hundreds of popsicle sticks to create a roller coaster for SpongeBob and Patrick to ride, and black lights to make the movie "glow."

SpongeBob Squarepants: The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom is due out in October. In the meantime, read up on the untold truth of SpongeBob SquarePants