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Law & Order Showrunner Rick Eid Says Revival Will Reflect The 'New Reality' Of Criminal Justice

Starting in 1990, "Law & Order" aired 20 seasons and 456 episodes before coming to an end in 2010. Each episode on the hit series follows the arrest and trial of a criminal who's committed a heinous crime, usually homicide. The series has won multiple Emmys for cinematography and for outstanding drama series (via IMDb).

After over a decade without the original "Law & Order," a revival of the series was announced in September 2021. A number of the show's original cast and creators will be taking part in the series revival, including Sam Waterson as Jack McCoy and Rick Eid, who is a producer on multiple police procedural dramas, inducing several within the "Law & Order" franchise, and showrunner for the "Law & Order" revival.

Fans have much to look forward to with the coming of the series revival, but a lot has changed between 2010 and 2022, and there may be pieces of the show that worked before that may not work now. While "Law & Order" might not be entirely accurate, it does follow the illusion of being set within modern times. With this in mind, Eid recently shared a bit more about what is to be expected from the revival.

The Law & Order revival will remain relevant when it comes to current affairs

In an NBC press event attended by Looper, Rick Eid stated that the newest season of "Law & Order" is aware of all of the changes happening in policing and criminal justice and that the show will reflect this "new reality" that we live in.

With the "Law & Order" franchise always staying as close in line with the world we live in, maintaining the show's relevance when it comes to current events despite being off the air for over a decade is one thing that many enjoy about the franchise.

It's unclear how the series will reflect police and detective work in present-day New York City. Still, with the exhilarating and engaging storylines for which "Law & Order" is so well known, it's difficult to imagine anything other than an enjoyable experience for viewers. Eid is still working on other shows within the "Law & Order" universe and is well aware of the dynamic of this decade's reality while continuously creating masterpieces for viewers to binge-watch. 

The new "Law & Order" revival will premiere on February 24, 2022.