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New Blade Runner 2049 Footage Shown At SDCC

Though Warner Bros. just recently released a trailer for the Blade Runner follow-up, Blade Runner 2049, attendees of the studio's panel at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to even more thrilling footage.

The studio released a new scene, the footage of which hasn't been released online as of writing, that highlights Ryan Gosling's Officer K as he travels into Wallace Corp to walk through a hall of damaged replicant memories, a moment briefly shown in previous Blade Runner 2049 trailers. What makes Officer K's meandering even more thrilling (outside of the inherent spooky factor) is that it takes place during a time when replicants are strictly prohibited. 

The clip then scans to a brunette woman wearing all white. She leads Officer K to a drawer filled with small glass spheres, one of which she grabs and places on a computer. This pulls up a video of Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard, a retired LAPD officer and former blade runner who's been missing for the last 30 years, "giving a replicant the third degree with an eye analysis" (via Deadline). Blade Runner fans will recognize this as the initial Deckard interrogation from Ridley Scott's 1982 film, and speculate that the replicant in question is Rachael, with whom Deckard escaped in the original film. 

"It was unclear what she was," explains a replicant accompanying Office K through the scene. "We were difficult to spot then."

Despite the major connections the follow-up has to the original, Ford said during the Blade Runner 2049 panel that he doesn't believe it matters whether the sequel answers all the questions left by the first. "The original film explored the ethics and utility of replicants and we further develop those themes in the story [in Blade Runner 2049], but I'm not going to tell you anything about it," said Ford (via Deadline).

Still, the new footage raises an important: Is this the moment that sends Officer K on his quest to find Deckard? We already know that Officer K is successful in his venture, as he tracks him down and teams up with him, but what remains unclear is what brings him to Deckard to begin with.

It looks like we'll have to wait until Blade Runner 2049 is released on October 6 to find out. Until then, find out why the movie will be better than you think.