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Grim Riverdale Season 2 Trailer Released

The first look at Riverdale's second season is very grim. The new trailer examines the moments after Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) was shot in the season one finale, delving a little further into who might have had it out for Archie's (K.J. Apa) dad.

"People will look back at this as the exact moment that last bit of Riverdale's innocence finally died," Jughead (Cole Sprouse) says at the start of the trailer. It then quickly moves into action, with Archie bringing Fred to the hospital to be treated. While the trailer doesn't reveal Fred's fate, it does show that the kids immediately suspect that something is up with the shooting.

Archie clearly knows this too, as he hesitates in revealing a key detail about the assailant while telling the story to his friends. "People have grudges," Jughead says. "People have enemies. I mean, think of where we live. Fathers are killing their sons. It's entirely conceivable this was a hit." Even the workers at Pop's who saw the shooting know that something was wrong. "This man, his goal was something else," Pop (Alvin Sanders) says. "Darker. It was like the angel of death had come to Riverdale."

The clip ends on an entirely different story, with Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) standing over her mom Penelope (Nathalie Boltt), who is hospitalized with what looks to be a pretty awful injury. "Things are going to be different now Mommy," Cheryl says, oddly calm and immensely creepy. "Better. You'll see." 

Riverdale season two adds in a few new cast members, including True Blood actress Brit Morgan as Penny Peabody, also known as the Snake Charmer, and Mark Consuelos as Veronica's (Camila Mendes) formerly jailed father Hiram. Skeet Ulrich's FP Jones will also have a bigger role to play, as the actor has been upgraded to a series regular, joining the aforementioned cast members and Lil Reinhart, Ashleigh Murray, Marisol Nichols, Madchen Amick, and Casey Cott.

Riverdale will return for its second season in the fall. While we wait, see some of the actual crimes committed in the Archie comics.