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Who Is The Star In Michelob ULTRA's Superbowl 2022 Commercial?

The Super Bowl and beer tend to go hand-in-bottle with one another, so it's not surprising that big brands like Budweiser and Michelob are rolling out their most eye-catching commercials in preparation for Sunday night's game.

Michelob is set to promote its ULTRA line of alcoholic beverages with a fresh, star-studded ad. It has already released a series of teaser clips of their 2022 outing, giving consumers glimpses of actor Steve Buscemi and former pro football player Peyton Manning spending an evening at the Superior Bowl, a busy bowling alley. In Buscemi's case, he's seen tending bar and renting out shoes. Manning, meanwhile, is seen preparing to bowl a frame. The latest teaser adds another athlete to the world Michelob has established — someone who's sure to be a familiar face to those who love their courses green. 

What's the name of that athlete who appears in Michelob's 2022 Super Bowl ad?

That's Brooks Koepka in the commercial

PGA Tour golfer Brooks Koepka can be seen in the commercial. In the ad, Koepka approaches the bar and asks his caddy which beverage would be the best bet for their evening out. The caddy talks up Michelob ULTRA's line of organic seltzers, which have zero calories and come in flavors like spicy pineapple. Koepka agrees to try the drink after his caddy repeatedly confirms for him that the seltzer has zero calories.

Per PGAtour.com, as of press time, Koepka has a FEDEXCUP rank of 173, and has had eight PGA tour victories. That includes seven wins on international tours. He bears a scoring average of 72.457 and has been ranked number one in the world on the Official World Golf Rankings. He won the U.S. Open in 2017 and 2018, then won the PGA Championship in 2018 (per The Guardian). That means Koepka had the rare honor of holding two major PGA titles back-to-back in 2018. 

This isn't the first commercial Koepka has done for Michelob. He can be spotted in their 2018, 2020, and 2021 Super Bowl ad campaigns and also starred in a solo spot for them in 2020. He has also appeared as a spokesman for DraftKings and Rolex, per ispot.tv.