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Is There A New Saturday Night Live Episode On Tonight? (February 12, 2022)

"Saturday Night Live" is currently in Season 47, and their recent episodes have continued their long tradition of lampooning current events, celebrities, pop culture, and politicians. Featuring Michael Che, Pete Davidson, Colin Jost, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, and Alex Moffat among many others, "Saturday Night Live" also currently features Kate McKinnon, who was absent during the first half of the season due to her commitments to Peacock's "Tiger King"-inspired project "Joe vs. Carole" (via Hollywood Life).

Season 47 of the popular show has seen a diverse group of hosts and musical guests. Will Forte, Paul Rudd, Ariana DeBose, Billie Eilish, Simu Liu, and Jonathan Majors have all presented this season, while MÃ¥neskin, Taylor Swift, Saweetie, and Halsey have lent their musical talents to the show. Recent sketches have touched on everything from Joe Biden's presidency to the ongoing pandemic to wide-ranging pop culture trends. However, the real question is whether or not there is a new episode of the hilarious show on tonight.

There is not a new episode of Saturday Night Live on February 12

Unfortunately, there will not be a new episode of "Saturday Night Live" tonight, February 12, 2022. Typically, new "SNL" episodes are broadcast on Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. EST, and the last new episode was on January 29. It had William Dafoe as host and Katy Perry as the musical guest, which a special appearance by Peyton Manning during Weekend Update.

The next new episode of "Saturday Night Live" will be on February 26, and it will feature new 'five-timer' John Mulaney as host with LCD Soundsystem as the musical guest (via Parade). The reason for this almost month lull in new episodes of "SNL" is due to parent company NBC's commitment to the 2022 Winter Olympics. This has caused almost all new episodes of television from NBC to be put on hiatus while the Olympics are broadcasting. The 2022 Winter Olympics closing ceremony is on February 20, which illuminates why "Saturday Night Live" will be returning on February 26.