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James Gunn Clarifies A Hilarious Detail About Peacemaker's Vigilante

Viewers of James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" spin-off HBO Max series "Peacemaker" have been treated to a wild, wacky, and surprisingly heartfelt series packed with care and attention to detail that's rare even in the world of comic book adaptations geared toward the most hard-core and nitpicky fans there are. And the auteur recently took to Twitter to confirm just such a detail involving the character of Vigilante, played on the show by Freddie Stroma.

A few fans have noticed a seemingly humorous and peculiar aspect of Vigilante's distinctive headgear — more precisely, a certain tic that he seems to display whenever he removes his crimson visor from his face. And now that we have confirmation from Gunn himself about it, it only serves to confirm that "Peacemaker" is a series that rewards close, attentive, and repeated viewing.

If you noticed something funny about Vigilante and his choice of eyewear, you might be pleased to be vindicated by Gunn's tweet.

Gunn responded to a tweet asking about Vigilante's 'prescription' lenses

Prescription eyeglasses are generally not something we think of comic book superheroes as having to deal with on a regular basis, particularly not in their costumes. But James Gunn's conception of Vigilante is positioned as a more realistic version of what a costumed vigilante would be like in real life, so it makes sense he might have a few such mundane concerns.

A fan took to Twitter to ask Gunn, "Is the red visor in Vigilante's mask prescription? I like that every time he takes his mask off he has to put on his glasses." To which Gunn responds simply, "Yes it's prescription."

That settles that. It's a pretty funny image, a self-made superhero having to throw on his glasses whenever he takes off his helmet, and definitely one in keeping with the general tone and thematic preoccupations of "Peacemaker" (and Gunn's work in the superhero genre in general). And now we know for sure it's part of the grand design of the show — either that or Gunn is pretty skilled at social media bluffing.