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The Ozark Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As "Ozark" winds down on Netflix, it's clear that one of the things that has made it such a strong show is its ensemble of characters and the unique web of relationships between them. That ensemble has evolved considerably as the show has gone along, with previous characters either fleeing the criminal conspiracy or dying because of it (or occasionally dying for unrelated reasons — RIP Buddy), and new characters emerging into the spotlight as the plot becomes increasingly complex.

For millennia, one of mankind's favorite ways of understanding and organizing people has been the practice of astrology. It's a complex system, but at the very least, most people can tell you their sun sign; that is, which of twelve constellations corresponded to the sun's position when they were born. Each of the twelve zodiac signs is associated with specific personality traits and aspects of a person's character, and that makes it an interesting lens for viewing fictional characters as well as real people. So just for fun, let's look at which "Ozark" character you're closest to in personality, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Wendy Byrde

Aries is the sign of the ram, and it's also the sign of getting stuff done, come hell or high water. Born between March 21 and April 19, Aries folks tend to be confident, energetic, and determined to meet their goals. Not much scares them, as a general rule, but there are often  a number of things that make them angry. Because an Aries is confident they know the right thing to do and are capable of doing it, they don't have much patience to spare for the obstacles in the way, which they may even see as unnecessarily placed there by people who lack their clarity of vision. When an Aries is ready to do their thing, everyone else had best stay out of their way.

On "Ozark," the Aries point of view is represented by Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney). Over the course of the series, Wendy has gone from uncomfortable with her husband Marty's criminal activities, to willingly participating in his crimes, to proving herself far more ambitious and clever criminal mastermind than her husband, not to mention far less troubled by conventional notions of morality. Like a good Aries, Wendy has the will and the energy to accomplish just about any goal to which she sets her mind, even if they are increasingly evil in nature.

Taurus: Marty Byrde

Taurus is the sign of the bull, and like that heavy-hoofed beast, Taurus folks tend to keep their feet planted firmly on solid ground. Born between April 20 and May 20, Taurus people take a practical view of the world, and are valued for their stability and grounded perspective on things. A Taurus may appear calm when things are hectic, but that's probably not because they enjoy the chaos — it's because they've already enacted a plan to restore calm, and they're focused on seeing it through. If others attempt to change the plan or add complications along the way, the frustration of a Taurus will soon become evident.

On "Ozark," Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) is a big-time Taurus. No matter how much of a criminal he becomes, he remains an accountant at heart. His skill as a criminal comes not from how he deals with people — he's actually rather timid and soft-hearted compared with Wendy and their associates — but from how well he understands the numbers. With an eye for patterns and a knack for structure, he always knows where the money's coming from and where it's going, as well as having a special skill for hiding both from the authorities. Like many a Taurus, he doesn't always react well to a sudden change in the plan, but in the end he continues to make it work, because he can always bring it back to the numbers.

Gemini: Darlene Snell

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, providing a hint at the dual nature within the Gemini personality. Born between May 21 and June 20, Geminis are extremely social and communicative, interested in learning from the people they encounter, but also in enjoying their company. On the other hand, a Gemini might suddenly become serious and distant at the drop of a hat, their sociability replaced without warning by the restlessness of their mercurial personality. A quick-witted Gemini may find it easy to adapt to constantly-changing circumstances, but that same adaptability can make them unpredictable and slow to commit to a course of action.

On "Ozark," Gemini is represented (none too flatteringly) by the cradle-robbing poppy farmer known as Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery). Everyone who deals with Darlene knows to watch out for the sudden emergence of her other side. There's the Darlene who will shake hands with you and make a business deal that will benefit you both, and then there's the Darlene who will pull out a shotgun and blow your head off because you said the wrong thing and she's in a bad mood. But perhaps the most terrifying part is that there's only one Darlene, always both at once and that much more unpredictable.

Cancer: Charlotte Byrde

Cancer is the sign of the crab, and associated with intuition and emotion. Born between June 21 and July 22, a Cancer tends to have strong feelings, but isn't necessarily in a hurry to open up and let you see them. People who really do know them well, like their family, are incredibly important to Cancers, who are also known for their unwavering loyalty to those they care about most. Their closeness with their own emotions helps a Cancer empathize with the feelings of others, a skill they can use to manipulate others just as easily as to form new emotional bonds.

On "Ozark," teenager Charlotte Byrde (Sofia Hublitz) embodies the traits of a Cancer. Even as she gradually comes to realize that an ethical void exists at the heart of her family, her own loyalty to the people she loves may ultimately outweigh her moral concerns. Charlotte is not a criminal by nature — quite the opposite — but she's always ready to take on whatever role her family needs, even if it's far from anything she would have chosen. Unlike her parents and even her brother, Charlotte isn't particularly interested in enriching herself through crime. In fact, all of her most questionable actions come in the interest of protecting those she cares about.

Leo: Omar Navarro

Leo is the sign of the lion, and a mythical King of the Jungle roars within each of them. Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are natural-born leaders, a fact they'll tell you if you don't notice. Leos inspire loyalty in others not just by being supremely confident and self-assured (although they are), but by demonstrating loyalty themselves, giving to those they expect to get from later. Leo leaders are known for bringing together disparate groups under one umbrella and getting everyone to work toward a shared goal. Being an acknowledged leader is incredibly important to a Leo, and their tempers can grow short if they don't feel their skills are being properly utilized.

On "Ozark," cartel leader Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) is the ultimate Leo. He's more than just the criminal employer of most of the main cast — he's an internationally-famous drug kingpin with a reputation for both strong leadership and terrifying brutality. Like all Leos, Omar is on guard against being ignored. Despite living in Mexico, far from the Lake of the Ozarks, he's quick to call on the phone or even show up in person anytime Marty and company are thinking about anything other than who's really in charge of their operation. But just because he's scary and dangerous doesn't make him a bad leader — just one you absolutely don't want to mess with.

Virgo: Ruth Langmore

Virgo is the sign of the virgin, and that symbolism suits those born under it, if not literally. Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos are intensely organized, with minds suited for breaking things down into systems and methodically approaching their goals. While others may focus on the big picture, a Virgo wants to know all the details of a problem in the interest of solving it. They trust information and analysis, whereas they're much less comfortable when it comes to emotions, including their own. A Virgo's feelings often run deep, but you'd never know it from their guarded demeanor. A Virgo feels much more safe dealing with things that can be quantified and predicted, unlike the elusive workings of the heart.

On "Ozark," Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) perfectly embodies the Virgo archetype. In the first half of the series she even embodies the archetype of the untouchable maiden, although there's nothing to indicate she was literally a virgin before Ben found his way past her prickly exterior in Season 3. Regardless, she is very much the analytical Virgo, rising from petty criminal to central figure in the local drug trade thanks to her keen detail-oriented mind and level-headed approach to leadership. It's only in dealing with emotions that it becomes inescapable how young Ruth actually is, and how many things she hasn't yet experienced.

Libra: Maya Miller

The sign of the scales, it's no surprise that Libras are often seeking balance and justice. Born between September 23 and October 22,  Libra folks tend to be fair-minded and diplomatic, using their finely-honed social skills to build a network of cooperative people around them. Libras sometimes find themselves in the role of peacekeeper, but if things start to seem too out of balance in contrast to their internal sense of justice, they may also be the ones initiating conflict. They may value compromise, but a Libra can also be quite judgmental of others, and they're known to hold a grudge.

On "Ozark," FBI Agent Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes) represents the balance of Libra, and not just because she's the only character on this list actively working for the law instead of against it. When she first arrives to investigate the finances of the Byrdes' casino, Maya thinks she can make a deal with Marty, gaining his cooperation against the Navarro cartel in return for the safety of his family. In time, Marty turns the tables, hoping to form a partnership with Maya that will take down Navarro's enemies instead. Both come very close to accomplishing their goals when Omar Navarro wants out of the business, but it is Maya who ultimately ruins the deal when her own sense of justice conflicts with her bosses' goals. Like many Libras, Maya loves a good negotiation, but she never doubts herself when it comes to what's right.

Scorpio: Javi Elizonndro

Scorpio is the sign of the scorpion, and the deadliness of that animal can be surprisingly relevant to the Scorpio mindset. Born between October 23 and November 21, a Scorpio is fearless, passionate, and resourceful, able to navigate just about any situation in the pursuit of leaving their mark upon the world. They can be a true and loyal friend to those they regard as "on their side," but they are slow to trust those whose goals don't line up with their own, and can be manipulative of others in the pursuit of making those goals align. Some even regard Scorpio as the most violent sign by nature, with their natural passion manifesting in less than positive ways.

On "Ozark," Javi Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrera) arrives in the final season to embody the passion and danger of the Scorpio archetype more than any previous character on the show. Navarro's ambitious nephew, Javi presents himself as a powerful potential ally to the Byrdes, but the threat of violence he embodies is never far from anyone's mind. It's lurking there behind every interaction — the scorpion within that's always ready to strike. Javi isn't necessarily a worse leader than his uncle, or even a more violent one, but he's less predictable, which makes him a lot scarier.

Sagittarius: Ben Davis

Sagittarius is the sign of the hunter, but those born under it might be better defined as seekers. Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarius folks are often travelers, moving from place to place as part of their journey to understand the world around them. They are philosophical by nature and sometimes artistic, with a knack for manifesting their ideas and thoughts into the real world through their actions. This closeness between their thoughts and the world around them rarely leaves space for a verbal filter, however, and the Sagittarian tendency to tell it like it is (or at least like they see it) can often land them in trouble.

On "Ozark," Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey) is just the sort of seeker represented by Sagittarius. Ben's rootless life was impacted by his struggles with mental illness, but he was nonetheless a thoughtful, loving, and tragically idealistic man. His unique mind and good-natured personality won over the famously prickly Ruth Langmore and the two fell in love, although there were hints that Ben would have had trouble settling down for long. Ultimately that mattered less than his irrepressible honesty, which made him a liability to the criminal enterprises of the Navarro cartel. Wendy Byrde, his own sister, set him up to be killed when it became clear that was the only way he'd stop telling the truth at the most inopportune moments.

Capricorn: Helen Pierce

Capricorn is the sign of the goat, but unlike that animal, most Capricorns are know for their personal discipline and responsibility. Born between December 22 and January 19, a Capricorn is great at leading but not always at being led. They are practical by nature, and great at making long-term plans that enable the methodical accomplishment of surprisingly ambitious goals. What they have more trouble with is seeing eye-to-eye with people whose minds don't work like theirs. A classic Capricorn is certain they know the best way to get things done, and they don't necessarily have any patience for those who see things differently.

On "Ozark," attorney Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer) is the ultimate Capricorn. She lives a strictly regimented life, keeping her involvement with the international drug trade carefully separate from her identity as a divorced mother who wants what's best for her daughter. The same Capricorn brain that makes her a great advisor to a drug lord also enables her to keep that world walled off from her family, and she's completely unforgiving of anyone who would break through that wall. She also has little patience for the Byrdes' seat-of-their-pants way of doing things, which she considers far too risky for her own systematic worldview.

Aquarius: Jonah Byrde

Aquarius is the sign of the water-bearer, and people born under it bring a uniquely intellectual point of view to most situations. Born between January 20 and February 18, an Aquarius often regards themselves (perhaps correctly) as different from those around them, but they don't view that difference as a flaw on their part, and in fact may be proud of it. An Aquarius enjoys feeling free and pursuing their own idealistic goals, but they're far less comfortable expressing their emotions, or compromising with people whose outlooks they don't trust as much as their own (which is just about everybody).

On Ozark, young Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner) embodies the Aquarius. Even as a kid when the show begins, his cleverness quickly stands out, even among a very smart family like the Byrdes. As he becomes more aware of his parents' illegal enterprises, his uniquely wired brain finds new arenas to open up into, until he's a successful money launderer by the age of fourteen. His talent comes with the uncompromising streak common among Aquarius folks, however, so he finds himself working at cross-purposes to his parents, which may not work out well for him as even his own mother contemplates letting him be arrested.

Pisces: Wyatt Langmore

Pisces is the sign of the fish, as well as the final sign of the Zodiac. Born between February 19 and March 20, Pisces people are usually ruled by their emotion. This often makes them quite compassionate, although they can at times be too overwhelmed by their own emotions to properly pick up on anyone else's. Pisces tend to have creative talents and a strong intuition about the workings of the world. Their rich and emotional inner lives can turn against them, however, and some Pisces find themselves struggling with melancholy and trapped in situations of their own making. They sometimes have a tendency to martyr themselves, although others may find themselves martyred by outside forces thanks to their own emotional openness and readiness to trust.

On "Ozark," Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) comes off as a classic Pisces. In a family full of criminals, Wyatt is defined by his compassion for the people he cares about and desire to live a simple, peaceful life. Unfortunately for Wyatt, he seeks peace in the arms of the much older Darlene Snell, a force for chaos if there ever was one, not to mention a heroin wholesaler. Even as he increasingly feels trapped in his life with Darlene, his is always the voice calling for less conflict and more caring, both within his own family and beyond. Unfortunately, his voice was never going to be enough, as the criminal environment of "Ozark" continues to grind everyone up and spit them out, regardless of their intentions.