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The Wilds Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Before there was "Yellowjackets," there was "The Wilds," an Amazon Prime series that takes the central premise of "Lord of the Flies" and flips it on its head. While it initially reads like a classic plane crash survival series, we learn that there's actually a lot more than that going on behind the scenes. 

In actuality, we discover, the whole plane crash scenario is part of a larger experiment called "The Dawn of Eve." The experiment was created to test the hypothesis that women are superior to men, a theory that, if proven, would lead to the idea that women should run the world (Season 2 will reportedly focus on a group of teen boys in a similar situation).

Obviously, this experiment is rife with ethical problems, among them the girls being teenagers unwillingly and unknowingly being experimented upon. But, regardless of the (un)ethical nature of the experiment itself, it does lead to some interesting revelations about its subjects, as well as the people behind the curtain. 

Within each girl there is a well of hidden strength, and we get to witness unexplored parts of their personalities that they weren't able to express back home. At its core, "The Wilds" is a show about psychology, which leads the audience to ask themselves questions about how they might respond in a similar situation. 

Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to latch on to the character whose personality most closely mirrors your own; with that in mind, we've used the signs of the zodiac to identify which character best aligns with your astrology identifier. So, find your birth period below, read on for "The Wilds" character you'd be, and get an idea of how you'd fare in such an entertaining, yet highly unethical scenario.

Aries: Toni Shalifoe

There's no doubt about it — Toni is an Aries. Born between March 21 and April 19, it is the first sign in the zodiac and they are extremely active, passionate people. Symbolized by the ram, they are easily bored and often act before thinking. On the positive side, they can be courageous, confident, and determined, but they are also prone to being short-tempered, moody, and aggressive.

While we certainly see some of Toni's more positive qualities while on the island, we're also made very aware of her many faults. We know for a fact that she has a problem with her temper, and we learn through flashbacks that she frequently got into fights back home. To Toni's credit, it's clear that the reason she fought was to protect the people she loves — namely her former girlfriend — but her anger also caused a lot of problems in her life. A passionate fire sign, Toni clearly cares a lot about the people in her life but doesn't always express such feelings in the most productive of ways. This is also why her relationship with Shelby is so interesting; Shelby is someone who represses her passions, and Toni is able to bring that out in her.

Taurus: Dean Young

We don't know a ton about FBI agent Dean Young, but, based on what we do know, we're confident in saying that he's a Taurus. Taureans — those born between April 20 and May 20 — are fixed earth signs who have a strong connection to home and the earthly pleasures therein. They are patient, practical, stable individuals who have a reputation for being stubborn because of their commitment to staying on track. They dislike change, and routines are important to them.

Compared to his colleagues, Gretchen and Dr. Faber, Young comes off as a fairly easygoing, levelheaded person. Perhaps this is simply a front, but it does seem that Young actually has sympathy for the girls and doesn't want to see them get hurt. While he has a stoic, authoritative presence, he is never cruel or malicious. He feels sorry for Leah when she appears to be having a panic attack in her room, so he escorts her to the open courtyard and shows her a photo of his kids. We gather that he and his wife are estranged and he doesn't get to see his kids often, but it's clear he cares a lot about his family. 

Young's calm demeanor is particularly welcome given the often manipulative tactics of his colleague, Dr. Faber. His devotion to the job is clearly tested by his sympathy for the girls, leading us to believe he could potentially be an ally to them in the future.

Gemini: Daniel Faber

Daniel Faber is an FBI trauma specialist who was recruited by Gretchen to work on the "Dawn of Eve" experiment. 

While Gretchen is clearly the evil mastermind behind the project, Dr. Faber seems to be just as invested in the outcome as she is, and, like Gretchen, is willing to do whatever it takes to get results. A smart, intuitive manipulator, Dr. Faber is most aligned with the sign of Gemini. Born between May 21 and June 20, Geminis are cerebral air signs known as the communicator of the zodiac. They are quick-witted, analytical, and extremely adaptable, leading to their reputation for being two-faced. They love to learn and exchange ideas, and are often said to be more interested in intellect than sentiment.

Dr. Faber is extremely manipulative, and engages in such tactics on a more intimate level than Gretchen. Along with Agent Young, Dr. Faber interviews the girls following their time on the island and tries to get into their heads. He messes with Leah's psyche the most, telling her he just wants to make her feel safe but then continuously making her question decisions and feel guilty for the things she's done. 

Dr. Faber is clearly an extremely curious person, which we would assume is why he took the job in the first place. What's rather frightening about him, of course, is that he seems to care more about scientific and psychological advancement than the well-being of his subjects.

Cancer: Leah Rilke

Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancers are imaginative, emotional, and sentimental. Water signs, they are highly sensitive, intuitive individuals who tend to take on other people's problems. Cancers are often quite nostalgic, but this type of sentimentality means they can sometimes be vengeful or unforgiving. When they're feeling insecure, Cancers are known to be moody and suspicious.

The most emotional, paranoid character on "The Wilds" is Leah, which makes her a definite Cancer. While on the island, Leah is haunted by her past. She fell in love with an older man but it fell apart when he found out she lied about her age. She's still extremely hurt and angry about the situation, and she can't let go. At the same time, she's very suspicious about the situation they find themselves in, and is the first of the girls to (correctly) suspect that something more is going on. While her highly-emotional nature means she can be volatile at times, her keen sense of intuition also means she's the hardest to control.

Leo: Fatin Jadmani

Out of all the girls trapped on the island, Fatin seems to be the most fun-loving and self-centered of the group. She comes off as a frivolous party girl who misses her creature comforts more than anything. While these initial impressions aren't untrue, we come to learn that there is more to Fatin than meets the eye.

Because she is the most dramatic of the group, Fatin is a Leo. Leos (those born between July 23 and August 22) are symbolized by the lion, and they are theatrical, extravagant, confident signs. They love luxury and standing out, and they are creative, passionate individuals. Typically generous and warm-hearted people, they strongly desire admiration and respect from their peers.

Fatin certainly exemplifies these qualities in many ways, but she's also more than that. Though she is rich, she's spent much of her youth diligently practicing the cello and hasn't had the time to hang out with her peers. Prior to being stranded on the island, Fatin got tired of her music training and began partying and hooking up with guys. This is the side of Fatin that we initially see after the plane crash. Fatin is also quite funny and the most entertaining out of all the girls, which is another prominent Leo trait. Both through her humor and unexpected resourcefulness, Fatin eventually proves herself to be a useful member of the team.

Virgo: Rachel Reid

The older sister of Nora, Rachel is the most serious, disciplined member of the group. For this reason, Rachel is a Virgo, which you are as well if you were born between August 23 and September 22. Virgos are mutable earth signs signified by the analyst. They are perfectionists who love solving problems and always need to feel useful. Hardworking and practical, they sometimes have the tendency to be overly critical (both of themselves and others) and struggle to relax or take time off.

For Rachel, all of these qualities manifest themselves in her relationship with diving. An elite diver with Olympic dreams, Rachel spends all her time and energy training. When her coach says her body type is no longer ideal for a diver, she develops an eating disorder so she doesn't get cut from the team. The idea of not going to college for diving and pursuing the Olympics is unfathomable to her, and she will not accept any other future for herself. After the emotional turmoil of the island — which includes losing her hand — she comes to some sort of acceptance about her life, but this acceptance is hard-won. Sometimes, Rachel eventually realizes, there are problems you can't solve.

Libra: Dot Campbell

Out of all the girls on the island, Dot is probably the most useful member of the team. Because of all the survival shows Dot once  watched with her father when he was ill, Dot has an impressive amount of survival skills that come in handy when the girls realize they're stuck on the island. Dot puts these skills to use and helps the girls build a shelter and divvy up the food. Dot also seems committed to helping everyone along and making sure they all get out of there alive, which is why she's a Libra.

Born between September 23 and October 22, Libras are known as the diplomats of the zodiac. They are extremely cooperative individuals, passionate about justice and keeping the peace. They avoid disorder and conflict and enjoy helping other people. Above all else, Dot seems to be interested in finding practical ways to survive in the wilderness. 

Though generally level-headed, she gets upset when the other girls fight or do things that could put their survival in jeopardy. Because of all she experienced at such a young age — taking care of her father before his death — she's a very serious and capable person, and she knew there was a catch to Gretchen's offer from the very start. She can be rather crass at times, but this is because she's more interested in doing what needs to be done than making friends. But regardless of her attitude, Dot is definitely someone you want to be stranded on an island with — you know, if you have to be stranded on an island.

Scorpio: Nora Reid

Nora is by far the most mysterious person on the island, and for this reason — among others — she is a Scorpio. Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpios are fixed water signs represented by the archetype of the alchemist. They have a reputation for being intense, enigmatic, and strategic. They are perceptive and intuitive individuals capable of using manipulation to get what they want. They can be passionate, loyal friends, or dangerous enemies.

At first, Nora comes off as a shy, weird, harmless girl. Unlike her superstar twin sister, she doesn't stand out, and is instead accustomed to staying in the shadows. She is extremely intelligent but sometimes socially awkward. While taking summer classes at a college she meets Quinn, who she falls in love with. After Quinn dies during a hazing, Nora is devastated. She then meets Gretchen, whose son went to prison for Quinn's death, and Gretchen invites her to be a part of the "Dawn of Eve" experiment.

Nora may be the smartest of all the girls on the island, yet the motivations behind her actions remain unclear. In acting as a "confederate" for Gretchen during the experiment, Nora essentially betrays all the girls — her sister, especially — by lying to them and pretending she's in the same predicament. She's clearly upset by Quinn's death, and maybe upset with her sister too, but her motivations remain murky. Scorpios, of course, are the most mysterious of the signs, so this ambiguity makes sense, and only adds to Nora's astrological certainty.

Sagittarius: Linh Bach

While the girls on the island know her as Jeanette Dao, we come to find out that Jeanette was actually Linh Bach, and she, like Nora, was a spy within the experiment. Gretchen first met Linh when she was participating in a conformity study and refused to submit to its central premise. Though Linh essentially ruined the study by revealing its construction to the other participants, Gretchen found her nonconformity intriguing, and asked her to be a part of the "Dawn of Eve" experiment. Despite the danger inherent in the project, Linh immediately agreed.

It's evident that Linh has a curious, adventurous spirit, which is why she's a Sagittarius. Sagittarians — those born between November 22 and December 21 — are known as the travelers of the zodiac, and they are friendly people on a quest for knowledge. They are idealistic individuals who resist rules and regulations, preferring exploration and spontaneity to routine. 

These qualities illustrate why someone like Linh would agree to be a part of Gretchen's project. While Gretchen is in it for scientific curiosity as well as her own social vindication, Linh seems to be in it mainly for fun. She thinks it sounds exciting (and she also hates men), and goes into it full speed ahead. This dedication eventually leads to her death, as she chooses to continue with the experiment even after getting injured — but you've got to hand it to her for being committed to her job.

Capricorn: Shelby Goodkind

A cheerful, blonde Texan, Shelby comes off as a prototypical pastor's daughter. She is optimistic and all about teamwork and having faith in God's plan. As it turns out, Shelby is hiding a lot underneath her sunny veneer — namely, the fact that she is gay — and being stranded on the island makes her face some things she'd rather not deal with.

Based on the near-pathological amount of discipline she displays in her life, Shelby is a Capricorn. Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorns are stoic, hardworking signs who exhibit a lot of self-control. They are committed to success above all else, and tend to repress any emotions that might get in the way of them achieving their goals. They are those people that have acted like adults since they were children, and, for this reason, are sometimes said to age backward.

While Shelby doesn't quite age in reverse, she does finally learn to let go of expectations while stuck on the island. She spent so long trying to be what her family expected her to be that when she is confronted with someone challenging her — Toni — it throws her totally off-balance. Clearly, her Capricorn nature was taking a toll on her mental well-being, and, more than any of the other girls, the plane crash was actually a freeing experience for Shelby.

Aquarius: Gretchen Klein

Born between January 20 and February 18, Aquarians are known as the humanitarians of the zodiac. People born under this sign are interested in thinking about the big picture and at the same time find themselves separate from other people. They are independent thinkers who fetishize originality and independence and are more likely to be found on the outskirts of society rather than in the thick of it. Eccentric individuals, Aquarians are uncompromising in their beliefs and more conceptual than they are emotional.

If you're thinking these qualities describe Gretchen Klein, the creator of the "Dawn of Eve" experiment, you're right; Gretchen is a total Aquarius. This dichotomy — of being interested in humanity but separate from other human beings — describes Gretchen to a tee. She believes wholeheartedly that women can and should rule the world, but doesn't think twice about putting these girls' lives in danger to prove her point. 

The reason she began the experiment in the first place was likely in part a response to her expulsion from the university and the dismissal of her peers. Even more of an outcast than she was before — an especially Aquarian predicament — her experiment acts as some sort of attempt at personal redemption.

Pisces: Martha Blackburn

Pisces (those born between February 19 and March 20) are the last sign of the zodiac, and often said to encompass all that has come before. Pisces are the most intuitive of the signs, and, for this reason, sometimes find themselves divided between fantasy and reality. Known as the dreamers of the zodiac, they are compassionate, gentle, selfless, and friendly. They often have active imaginations and are prone to romanticism.

Martha exemplifies these Piscean qualities perfectly. Pisces are said to appear both childlike and mature at once, and this is certainly the case for Martha, who is the most naive of the group but also contains hidden depths. She's particularly adept at living in a fantasy world of her own making, something that worries her family and best friend Toni. 

Partway through the first season, we learn that Martha was molested by her physical therapist, something that likely resulted in the overly optimistic attitude she now displays. Martha is also a huge animal lover and seems to have a deep connection with all animals, which further aligns with her intuitive Pisces nature. Though she comes off as somewhat immature at times, Martha clearly has an inner strength that increasingly reveals itself as they spend more time on the island.