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Carol Director Returns With Gorgeous Wonderstruck Trailer

The new teaser for Wonderstruck travels through time. Based on the novel of the same name by Brian Selznick, Wonderstruck follows two young children from different eras who both set out on quests to find what they are missing.

The young Ben lives in 1977, with his journey juxtaposed against that of Rose, whose story is playing out in 1927. Ben longs to find the father he has never known, while Rose dreams about locating a mysterious actress whose life she chronicles in a scrapbook. Their quests are set off when Ben finds a mysterious clue at home and when Rose reads a newspaper headline, leading them both to run off to New York.

The trailer doesn't reveal these plot details, but it does reveal the beauty and grace with which the film traverses between its two different settings, with Rose's 1927 story told in black and white while Ben's 1977 story is told in color. The film, which comes from Carol and I'm Not There director Todd Haynes, shows off its impressive visuals with the backing of David Bowie's "Space Oddity," going wordless until the last few seconds, in which a woman finds the young boy, going up to him with his name written on a notepad. "How do you know my name?" he asks.

Julianne Moore, Oakes Fegley, Michelle Williams, and Millicent Simmonds are set to star in Wonderstruck, which will hit theaters on Oct. 20. While we wait for the film to be released, see some of the other movies that will blow you away this year.