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The Hilarious Way Robert Pattinson Totally Ruined His Transformers 2 Audition

Hollywood is a fickle business. Some actors can spend years — or even decades — trying out for every role under the sun in hopes of getting their big break. Others could land a major role on their first try and get launched into stardom faster than their heads can spin. For many — assuming they aren't already well-connected in the entertainment world — it's just a matter of catching that lucky break.

Some eager, up-and-coming actors try to take matters into their own hands and develop specific skills that make them stand out more during the audition process. Robert Pattinson used to do exactly that back in the day before a certain sparkly vampire movie took the world by storm (more on that in a bit). Unfortunately, his bad auditioning habits landed him in an embarrassing spot during one particular casting call that lost him a supporting role in a major blockbuster production.

Pattinson used to pretend he was an American during auditions before he made it big with Twilight

In a recent, lengthy interview with GQ Magazine, Pattinson talked about the early days of his Hollywood career and how being himself in the auditioning room — a Brit auditioning for American roles — felt like an uphill battle. He felt like no matter how good his audition was, casting agents always judged his American accent with a raised eyebrow. So in order to try and cut through the stigma, he'd walk into the audition pretending to be an American and speak in his American accent the whole time.

Then he was in a little film that debuted in 2008, one which you may or may not have heard of — "Twilight." Shortly after the film hit theaters and his name became internationally known, Pattinson got called in to audition for another small-potatoes franchise film from indie darling Michael Bay called "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." Sarcasm aside, even though everyone knew his name at the time, Pattinson still suffered from a certain amount of imposter syndrome and still felt like a little British fish auditioning for roles in a large, American pond — and tried to pull his improv trick in front of casting agents who knew exactly who he was.

Needless to say, he didn't get the role. But seeing as how his next big move is playing the titular character in Warner Bros.' "The Batman," we don't think he's losing any sleep at night for missing out on that opportunity.