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Chris Pontius Outs This Surprising Oscar Winner As A Huge Fan Of Jackass And Wildboyz

Nearly 20 years after the finale of the original TV series (via IMDb), the recent release of "Jackass Forever" has reenergized the series in a way few would likely have ever predicted. Though it may sound somewhat strange to hear, the latest "Jackass" movie is currently number one at the domestic box office, both in the United States and Australia (via Box Office Mojo). Yes, you read that statistic is right. "Jackass" is currently attracting more theater goers than "Spider-Man: No Way Home." Of course, the latter film got quite a head start and will undoubtedly end with a much higher total gross, but the dethroning of the famous webslinger's most successful film underscores the staying power of the "Jackass" franchise. 

In recent weeks, Chris Pontius and his "Jackass" co-stars have been making the typical pre-release press rounds, doing a wide variety of interviews in order to promote the film. More than once, the group has taken the opportunity to make a number of interesting claims about people they say are "Jackass" aficionados. In an interview with Howard Stern, Johnny Knoxville said he heard it through the grapevine that Bruce Dern wanted to cameo in "Jackass Forever," but sadly had to bow out for understandable reasons. 

Now, Pontius claims that a surprising Oscar winner also professes to be a fan of the slapstick comedy.

Chris Pontius says Leonardo DiCaprio voiced his support

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Pontius covered all matter of "Jackass" topics, including his worst "Jason Mantzoukas à la 'Pam & Tommy'" injuries, the taste of a certain substance from a horse, and a long conversation he once enjoyed with "Titanic" and "Wolf of Wall Street" actor Leonardo DiCaprio. 

According to Pontius, he was once at an unspecified event with a friend when a stranger approached him to talk about "Jackass" and "Wildboyz," the animal-focused spinoff of the original "Jackass" TV series (via IMDb). Pontius said, "I talked to this guy for like an hour about animals, and all the crazy things we'd done, and swimming with sharks and crocodiles and alligators and all that." 

While Pontius reported enjoying the conversation, it wasn't until the next day that his friend pointed out he had been talking with one of the most famous actors in the world. "I had no idea it was him," Pontius said. "He was a super cool guy, and then when we left, I did remember he was with some really model-ish woman. And I was like, 'Whoa, that guy's got a gnarly model girlfriend?' I didn't even know it was Leonardo DiCaprio."

"Jackass Forever" was released in theaters on February 4.