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What Is The Song In Planet Fitness' Super Bowl 2022 Commercial?

Working on one's physical health is the key to a long life, and Planet Fitness's latest Superbowl 2022 commercial may be the motivation people need. Featuring an absolutely star studded cast, the commercial primarily focuses on Lindsay Lohan, but also features William Shatner, Danny Trejo, and Dennis Rodman. In the advertisement, Lohan is shown surprising onlookers as she tackles several different actions and professions. One scene sees her absolutely crushing it in Jeopardy, and it continues with her getting a proper night's sleep while the paparazzi lament the loss of the former bad girl. Later, we see her bedazzling an ankle bracelet while Shatner asks, "what has gotten into her?"

Revealing that the change in direction in Lohan's life is inspired by her membership at Planet Fitness, the commercial pokes fun at the celebrity's rather checkered past, and how working out has resulted in several positive changes in her life. All of these events are laced with an upbeat and funky song, but viewers may find themselves asking: What is the tune playing in the background?

The commercial features a song by the George Baker Selection

The song in question is titled "Little Green Bag" from the George Baker Selection. Originally formed around 1969, the Dutch band's original name was "Soul Invention," but later they decided to take the name they are known for after recording their first album, "Little Green Bag" (via their official website). It seems that the band knew they had a hit on their hands when they named the album after a singular song, and they went on to receive a gold disk for selling one million copies of the single, with the song making Billboard's Top 100 — the first time a Dutch band ever did so.

"Little Green Bag" may also ring a bell for fans of Quentin Tarantino, as the song was used during the opening sequence of "Reservoir Dogs" in 1992 (per YouTube). The song has also been used in other commercials, like one ad for a Moto X smartphone around 2013, as seen on YouTube. It seems, though, that "Little Green Bag," despite being made almost 50 years ago, is still getting plenty of playtime whether it involves criminals, smart phones, or places to work out.