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The Quentin Tarantino Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are several well-established ways to know you're watching a Quentin Tarantino movie: graphic violence of course, the experimental narrative structures, exceedingly foul language, and way too many close-up shots of bare feet. But the thing that has always set him apart is the unique, compelling characters with which he populates his cinematic world. 

Many of Tarantino's protagonists are morally compromised people at best — the diamond thieves in "Reservoir Dogs," the gangsters in "Pulp Fiction," the assassins in "Kill Bill" — but there's nobody better at making an audience sympathize with ruthless criminals. Such characters are inevitably so morally pure in their quests for justice or revenge that the audience can't help but be swept up in the righteousness of their cause. With his celebrated gift for dialogue and all-star stable of performers, few characters pop off the screen like the ones in his filmography.

In celebration of Tarantino's skill at making audiences identify with a wide range of personalities, here's a spoiler-heavy breakdown of which Tarantino character match up with each sign of the zodiac. If you find yourself aligned with a shifty manipulator, a cold-blooded crime lord, or even a psychotic murderer, don't be alarmed. It's Tarantino.

Aries: Zoë Bell

A quick disclaimer right off the bat: Zoë Bell is actually a real person who has worked in Tarantino's films (most notably as Uma Thurman's stunt double in the "Kill Bill" movies) and as it happens, she's a Scorpio. However, just because she plays herself in "Death Proof" — Tarantino's contribution to the 2007 double-feature known as "Grindhouse" — doesn't mean that particular version of Bell was born on November 17th.

Tarantino movies take place in an alternate universe where people smoke Red Apple cigarettes and Adolph Hitler was shot to death in a French movie theater — and in that universe, Bell is clearly an Aries. She's a thrill-seeker, someone who loves nothing more than putting life and limb on the line in the service of some sort of extreme physical activity. It's Bell who convinces her friends to take a joy ride in somebody else's Dodge Challenger, pushing the car to its limits while Bell herself rides on the hood. 

After they run afoul of the murderous Stuntman Mike, who drives away after being shot, it's Bell who says, "You wanna go get him?" She's impulsive and aggressive, but also brave, passionate, and dripping with confidence — exactly the traits one expects from those born in late March and early April.

Taurus: O-Ren Ishii

People born under the Taurus sign tend to be tender of heart while also being stable, money-driven, and committed to the point of stubbornness. O-Ren Ishii, described by Beatrix Kiddo in "Kill Bill" as "queen of the Tokyo underworld," might have begun her life tender-hearted, but that tenderness was forcibly driven out of her as a child when she witnessed the murder of her parents by Boss Matsumoto of the Yakuza.

When it comes to the other traits, however, she defines them nicely. O-Ren is quiet and reserved until someone threatens her power, at which point she dispatches them with ruthless efficiency. She has crafted a stable life for herself, in which she enjoys whatever comforts she chooses and exercises absolute, uncompromising control over her kingdom. She is also patient and practical, two traits that come in handy for a master assassin, and that are on display in one her flashbacks, when she takes exceptionally bloody revenge against Matsumoto at the age of 11. 

O-Ren is an example of just how extreme Taurus traits can become, as her internal desires for family, loyalty, and security have driven her to a life in which anyone standing in her way is swiftly decapitated.

Gemini: Mia Wallace

Nobody in Tarantino's filmography embodies the Gemini personality quite like Thurman's star-making "Pulp Fiction" role, Mia Wallace. Mia is by turns fun-loving and social, thoughtful and reflective. She drags some serious intellectual conversation out of Vincent Vega, the hitman her husband has assigned to show her a good time, but she also can frequently be seen joking, dancing, and doing cocaine. She enjoys the exchange of clever ideas and witty repartee alike, and displays a curiosity about the world and the people around her that is typical of Geminis. She's also a former actress, a career choice which also fits the expressive and communicative Gemini nature.

Most Geminis love to flirt, and the sexual tension between Wallace and Vega infuses their scenes together — though any potential progression of that relationship is derailed when Mia snorts heroin by mistake, resulting in Vega's frantic attempt to revive her. It was an undeniably exciting evening, despite not going the way either of them expected — say what you will about Geminis, but they're never boring.

Cancer: Rick Dalton

Another of Tarantino's muses in recent years has been Leonardo DiCaprio, who starred as actor Rick Dalton in "Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood." Rick is a complicated character, and as such, it's fitting that he represents a complicated sign. 

Moody, emotional, and prone to losing control, Rick is the perfect Cancer, trying so hard to be part of a world that often seems as though it doesn't want him. His longstanding loyalty to stunt double Cliff Booth is another Cancer trait, as is his frequent lack of patience with himself, on display during the breakdown he suffers after forgetting his lines. 

Self-pity is often a trap that Cancers can fall into, particularly as they age — though it should be noted that Rick, who is an amalgamation of several notable actors, suffers from undiagnosed bipolar disorder, which likely contributes to his actions and emotions during the film. Still, his empathy and skill at connecting with others marks him as a Cancer regardless of mental health, and it's hard to ignore the fact that he spends most of the climactic scene of "Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood" in his pool, reflecting the typical Cancer love of relaxing in water.

Leo: Calvin Candie

Calvin Candie, the slave-owning antagonist of "Django Unchained," is a charismatic, confident leader who also happens to be selfish, arrogant, and overly concerned with the finer things in life. For all his monstrous nature, Candie embodies several of the best Leo qualities. 

His forceful personality draws others to him like a magnet, his charm is almost impossible to resist, and he is generous and cheerful with those he esteems, while capable of dominating any social circle he enters. With those traits, however, can come the negatives. 

Candie is vain, venal, and cruel. He's surrounded by servants and sycophants, but no true equals — unless you count Samuel L. Jackson's Stephen, with whom he seems to have a relationship that goes deeper than it initially appears. He believes resolutely in his own superiority (and that of his race), having grown up master of a world that never failed to tell him how special he is, and he has no time for anyone who doesn't recognize his greatness — a characteristic that justifies his ownership and mistreatment of slaves. Candie is the most extreme version of a Leo, but with Tarantino, extreme is what you get.

Virgo: Mr. Pink

Organization, practicality, hard work. These are the standard traits of the Virgo, and they're the traits Mr. Pink brings to the heist that is central to Tarantino's first film, "Reservoir Dogs." Mr. Pink is the consummate professional — he believes things should be done a certain way, and is frequently frustrated with the careless actions of others, particularly when they could lead to consequences for him. 

His monologue about why he doesn't tip, delivered masterfully by Steve Buscemi, is a quintessentially Virgo speech. He's not without empathy for the service industry workers who won't get his money, but he has a myriad of practical reasons why most of them don't deserve it. Detail-oriented and meticulous like most Virgos, he largely keeps his cool after the heist goes sideways, and ultimately is the one who gets out with the diamonds (though fans have speculated for decades on whether or not he actually avoids capture). 

If you were born under the Virgo sign, chances are you relate at least a little bit with Mr. Pink, who sympathizes with his fellow humans while also accepting reality, keeping his head down, and doing his job.

Libra: Max Cherry

Libra is one of the more difficult signs to match to a Tarantino character, as they tend to have a cooperative, peaceful nature — not exactly the sort of individual he puts in his films very often. One who does qualify, however, is Max Cherry, the bail bondsman who falls for the title character in "Jackie Brown."  

Intelligent and diplomatic, Max is a romantic in his own way, but what truly defines him is his quest for a partner, along with his pursuit of justice. Both are fundamental Libra characteristics, as Libras tend to seek balance in their lives. 

His partnership with Jackie forms the backbone of the movie, and while their growing feelings for one another go entirely unspoken and are expressed only by a farewell kiss at the end, it has clearly left its mark. Max leaves the film a different person than he was before, but not so different that he can overcome his natural tendency toward avoiding danger and conflict. Would Max have abandoned his job and his life, accompanying Jackie on her trip to Madrid with the stolen money, if he were any less a Libra?

Scorpio: Beatrix Kiddo

The Scorpio sign is associated with the color red, which is appropriate, since Beatrix Kiddo spills enough blood over the course of the "Kill Bill" movies to literally paint the town. An ex-assassin brutally attacked by her former associates when she tried to start a normal life, the woman known alternately as "Black Mamba" and "the Bride" displays all of Scorpio's intensity, waking from her coma to become an unstoppable, fearless force for revenge. 

Like Beatrix, Scorpios are defined by their power and their passion, particularly when fighting for a cause they care about; when they decide something needs to change, they attack the problem with all their considerable focus and whatever resources they can bring to bear. 

They also tend to maintain an air of mystery, projecting dark, hidden depths lying below the surface, and this plays out alongside "Kill Bill," as the audience spends the first film not even knowing the lead character's real name before diving into her past in the second. If you hate dishonesty and betrayal, and are willing to go to war for what you think is right (largely heedless of the overall consequences of your actions), you might just be a Beatrix.

Sagittarius: Dr. King Schultz

One of the more obvious matches from Tarantino's filmography, Dr. King Schultz projects Sagittarius energy with every word he speaks and every choice he makes. Played by Christoph Waltz, the German bounty hunter of "Django Unchained" is a traveler — not just to America from Europe, but across the length and breadth of the Antebellum South. 

Tarantino doesn't divulge much about his background (though he's clearly well-educated and cultured) but he seems to be afflicted, as many Sagittarius are, with an enthusiastic wanderlust. A curious and philosophical man, Schultz is also an idealist. He hates slavery from an intellectual perspective, but when he finds himself surrounded by its worst practices in the heart of Candyland, he finds it more and more difficult to hide his disgust under a charade of indifferent civility. 

Those born under the Sagittarius sign tend to be extroverts, but they're not diplomats — they say what they mean, no matter who it upsets. Indeed, Schultz embodies this trait to the fullest when he shoots Calvin Candie dead rather than suffer his smug racism any longer. "I'm sorry," he says in the moment before Candie's men blow him away in retaliation. "I couldn't help myself."

Capricorn: Major Marquis Warren

Samuel L. Jackson tends to play characters who defy easy categorization, but as the actor who's appeared in more Tarantino films than anyone, it would have been a crime to exclude him. Fortunately, Major Marquis Warren, the lead protagonist of "The Hateful Eight," is very much a Capricorn

Born in late December and early January, Capricorns are all about responsibility and traditionalism — which Warren, a Civil War veteran, embodies to a certain extent, despite having been discharged from the Union Army (the film never clarifies whether his letter from Abraham Lincoln is actually real). Now working as a bounty hunter, Warren brings a very traditional form of justice to those he encounters, particularly those who fought for the Confederacy, holding them responsible for their actions. 

But the Capricorn traits that are most obvious in Warren are his self-control — as seen in how he manages the situation at Minnie's Haberdashery — and his cold, unforgiving nature. It seems doubtful many Capricorns have ever laughed while their enemy strangles to death above them, but you know you've probably wanted to.

Aquarius: Shosanna Dreyfus

The titular Basterds in Tarantino's alternate history World War II film tend to get most of the attention, but Shosanna Dreyfus is the true hero of "Inglourious Basterds," a Jewish girl who lost her family to the Nazis as a child and, after growing to adulthood, finds herself with the opportunity to retaliate by burning down her own cinema with every member of the German High Command inside, including Hitler himself. 

She also has both the independence and the aloofness of your typical Aquarius. Like O-Ren Ishii, we'll never know what Shosanna might have been like if she hadn't witnessed the murder of her parents and brother, but the woman she becomes is clearly uncomfortable with emotional expression — unless, of course, it involves laughing maniacally while Nazis burn to death. 

Those born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be eccentric and temperamental, often acting spontaneously and unpredictably, which we can safely say applies to anyone who would carry out Shosanna's plan. They also enjoy art (including film) and have a humanitarian streak, both of which come back to bite Shosanna when she's shot by Fredrick Zoller in a moment of pity for the young soldier.

Pisces: Mr. White

Pisces is perhaps the most difficult sign to associate with a Tarantino character, being that Pisces tend to be gentle, compassionate, and openly emotional. But there's actually a clear example in "Reservoir Dogs" in the form of Harvey Keitel's character, Mr. White. 

If "Reservoir Dogs" has a protagonist, it's Mr. White — or Larry, as we know he's called, because he's the only member of the heist crew who breaks their protocol and tells one of the others his real name. Being overly-trusting is a key characteristic of Pisces, and Mr. White confides both his name and where he's from to Mr. Orange, who is an undercover cop. 

When Mr. Orange is shot during the failed robbery, White (who has bonded with the young man) becomes determined to save his life. By the end of the film, he cares so much that he refuses to believe it when the other criminals tell him the truth about Mr. Orange's identity, and kills men he's known and worked with for years rather than let them execute the man who has become his friend. 

In the movie's final shot, the tortured emotion on Mr. White's face after the dying Mr. Orange confesses that he actually is a cop — and Mr. White realizes that he's killed his real friends out of false trust — is familiar to any Pisces whose natural intuition has failed them in the name of their extreme empathy.